The Clever Muumuu Wearing Kelley

Last night I said to my husband, “One post is easy.  Now I just have to keep up with this thing.  Will you take my picture again tomorrow?” (I’ve tried the self-portrait thing and man is it hard without a remote.)   To which he replied, “We have church tomorrow.”

No, church does not somehow consume all hours of our Sunday.  However, it does take up the sunset hours (We are super rad* Sunday night church people.  AKA we don’t like getting up at 6AM on a Sunday.).  Now, good photographers like my dearest husband know that the best time to shoot photos is right around sunset or sunup.  Can you see where this is going?  I thought so, you’re smart. But, for those of you who are a little slow on the uptake, let me play the scene out for you.

Kelley:  Yea…

Husband: So we won’t have time to take photos because we will be at church.

Kelley:  *Puppy dog look*

Husband: What time do you want me to wake up?

Kelley:  Only like 7 O’clock.

Husband: That is when I get up on work days!

Kelley: I love you.

So, at 7AM I popped out of bed and looked at the boy. His only response? “I will get up when you are dressed and ready.” Poor husband.  He took these wonderful pictures with sleepy eyes for sure.

Dress: Ross – Top: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted – Shoes: Target – Headband: Forever 21 – Bracelet: Gift from a student

Okay, I need to tell you something if we are going to continue being friends.  I have a slight obsession with maxi skirts and dresses.  I don’t own many of them (as many as I would like) because I try to save some money for important things like food and boring things like health insurance and mortgage payments.  Still, you have to admit, the maxi is one of the best things to hit fashion since ever.  Come on, it’s like it suddenly became socially acceptable to walk around in a Muumuu and I don’t know about you guys, but I have been waiting for that for a while.  Comfort to the max (See what I did there?  Max… Maxi… man I’m clever).  Well, that is all for now.  Since I woke my husband up at an unspeakable hour on a weekend morning, I better go find something yummy to cook him up for breakfast so I can make it up to him.

-The clever Muumuu wearing Kelley

*Side-note:  Let’s bring back the word rad okay?  I miss it… it didn’t get enough time people!


9 thoughts on “The Clever Muumuu Wearing Kelley

  1. Ok, SO…I had NO IDEA you LOVED MAXI’S!!!!!! I am obsessed with long skirts….you look SO AMAZING just popping outta bed!!!! very cute

  2. Is your grand plan to mostly thrift your fashion finds or also sew some of your own? I’m an ever-so-beginner sewer/seamstress/whatever and I love seeing what others end up creating 🙂

    Good luck with blogging!

    – Vero

    • Thrifting is like treasure hunting for me, and I love it! I hope to someday soon own a sewing machine and start making some of my own creations… but I have never really sewed and it’s hard for me to invest in a machine when there is a chance I could be completely horrible and end up wanting to throw the thing out the window haha. Guess we’ll see if I get the guts to cough up the dough and give it a try 😉

      • It’s worth finding a friend or relative who can lend you one for a few weeks. Odds are there’s one sleeping in a mum, aunt or grannie’s cupboard somewhere. Then you can work out if you enjoy it!

        I mostly make accessories (bags, headwear, decorations) but plan on making more clothes this summer 🙂

      • That is a good idea! I should send a shout out in one of my next posts to see if anyone in interested in loaning me one that they are not using. Thanks for the tip!

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