The Full Length Kelley

Yesterday the husband and I had the honor of doing a photo shoot for one of his close friends and his new family (He married and wonderful girl and got some pretty awesome kids out of the deal too.  Seriously they are awesome and WAY fun to take pictures of!).  We took some fun grunge photos downtown and ended to shoot at a park.  Before our models got there my husband did a little test shooting with me in the park.  It was a very relaxed shoot, so I dressed the part.

Top: Loft – Shorts: Thrifted – Belt, Headband, and Necklace: Forever21 – Chucks: Target

Okay, can I be honest with you guys for a second?  I loved this outfit until I saw these pictures.  Why?  You always ask the best questions.  There are two reasons why and they both have to do with those strange things you see peeking out of the bottom of my shorts.  My legs.  Whoa!

Reason 1.  WHITE.  Like all the colors of the spectrum shooting through a prism white…  I try to tan them and then I start thinking, “White legs or skin cancer? hhhmmm… I’ll take the white legs thank you.”  Yes, I am living a life afraid of the sun.  I should just watch the Twilight movies, order a coffin bed on, and make it official.

Reason 2.  Let’s be real, these legs have hardly seen the inside of a gym since August… whoops.  I’m sorry gym membership, now that I have more time I promise to stop neglecting you.

So why did I not notice this until I saw the pictures?  I mean I got dressed with eyes on right?  And they were open as well I suppose weren’t they?  Yes.  To both of these questions my answer is yes.  However, I don’t actually own a full length mirror and therefore almost never see the full length Kelley.  That’s right, I get dressed every day and hope that I don’t leave the house with some kind of horrible splotch below my belt line because I can pretty much get a look at myself from the waste up and that’s about it.  Usually I look in the bathroom mirror do some weird leg lift thing to see if my shoes go with what I have on (insert husband laughing at me here) and call it good.  It really is time to spend a little dough on a full length mirror… or maybe I’ll wait and just shelter myself from those bright white legs a little longer.

-The Full Length Kelley


7 thoughts on “The Full Length Kelley

  1. these pictures are great! your hubby is good at photography 🙂 cute outfit too! don’t worry, after this past brutal winter we’re All very white. I’m practically transparent.

    • Thanks for the support. At least I am not blindingly white alone 🙂 And thanks for the compliments on the photos my husband is pretty much awesome and I love him for being so willing to point the camera my way.

  2. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ve seen proof with my own eyes that Loreal sublime bronze spray… in the kind of aerosol looking bottle (not the gel or lotion), is magic. I’m just sayin’ since I’m assuming you’ll be doing lots more in the full length department on here! Oh, but you still definitely need a full length mirror… how else will you know if your legs end up all streaky?!

    • I have heard the same. I actually have these things called “tan towels” sitting under my bathroom sink. I heard they work really well, and I used them a couple times last year and they were great… but Josh informed me that they kinda smell like dog food… haha weird! I should go to the store and try to smell the Loreal stuff.

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