The Snake Charming Kelley

Meet Virginia Design

Sometimes the clothes you wear make you feel like a cow.

Wait, I shouldn’t speak for everyone I guess.  Let’s try again.

Sometimes the clothes I wear make me feel like a cow.

Other times they make me feel like a snake charmer… wait what?

Yesterday’s outfit was both for me.  Just check out the photos, I’ll explain later.

Top: Target – Skirt: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted   Shoes: Target

*Oh thrifting, how I obviously love you*

Okay, after seeing the pictures, I think the cow thing is a given.  Can you see the print on this shirt?  Still, for some reason I like it.  Maybe it is because it is light, airy, and silky… I don’t know, but it has some kind of magic that makes me willingly put it on and look like a cow weekly.

Next up, the snake charmer.  That last picture there, that is what is printed on the inside of my belt.  I noticed it as I was putting the belt on yesterday.  Then, I may have screamed and threw it on the ground (My third grade ever so tomboy self would have been ashamed and likely would have punched me in the stomach.  I was a mean third grader.).  I don’t know if the fact that I own a genuine snake skin belt should make me feel classy or should make me feel like a red neck… Mostly it just makes me look sideways at my belt now before I put it on.  I’m a little afraid it will try to strangle me once I wrap it around my waste.  Yesterday I made it out okay though.  I wore it all day with no incidents of strangulation.  It must be the snake charmer in me.

-The Snake Charming Kelley


6 thoughts on “The Snake Charming Kelley

  1. Love your cute green skirt, and your pictures are all divine. Thanks for linking up to Thriftaholics Weekly. Hope to see ya next week.

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