The Jedi Kelley

Let’s get right to this shall we?

Top: Forever 21 – Skirt: Old Navy   Shoes: Target


Skirt – love it!

Shirt – love it!

Shoes – Is there really anyone who doesn’t love a great pair of chucks?

I would have to say that all around, I enjoy this fun relaxed outfit.

Now for my finest hour.  I have been practicing my Jedi Mindtricks for just such a day as this. The time has come to use the force.

You do not see the horrible mess of hair on top of my head.  You do not. *Insert the smooth and casual wave of my hand here.

How did I do?  You still see it don’t you. Man I really have to work on that trick…

Oh well, don’t be jealous of my hair guys.  It’s my brilliant plan to force it to grow faster by not completely killing it with a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron… which pretty much means wash, comb, and be blah.

I know you were waiting to hear my hair secret so you could get this great hair too.  Well there it is, do go tell your friends.

-The Jedi Kelley


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