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This is the outfit that I wore to the Phoenix Wedding Expo this weekend.  Yes, I am already married, and no, I am not planning my second marriage (although all of the awesome venders really made me think twice about renewing our vows already and having another fun party!).  The husband and I were actually there running a booth as we are lucky enough to be the newest addition to the wonderful Phoenix photography company, Radiant Photography.

Never having run a booth before, I talked to the husband, and from him I heard that according to the company’s ever so very wonderful founders, we were to dress “casual, but nice” and there would be extra points given out for looking cool.  I don’t want to sound smug, but in basketball I think I totally scored a three pointer (I think that is good… Soccer was always more my sport so, a hat trick?).

Oh, another way I knew this outfit was a winner?  On the way home, after wearing the same clothes for about 10 hours, I said to my husband, “I really like this outfit.”  Which was answered by a, “Wow!”  You see, for me a good outfit is one that does not lose its magical wondrous feel good powers by the end of the day.  Usually I put something on that I love and I end up feeling blah about it by the end of the day. Not this one, it has long lasting fashionably fabulous enchantment powers.  See for yourself!




Top: Forever 21 – Dress: Thrifted   Shoes: Thrifted – Necklaces: Forever 21

Writing these clothes posts has really opened up my eyes to how much of my closet is “second hand”.  I seem to be a thriftaholic.  Still, though I have labeled myself, I am far from ready to enter a rehab program of any kind… It’s not a REAL problem; I have it all under control… I swear.

This wonderful lace dress is by FAR one of my favorite thrift store finds.  I walked into Goodwill one day and it was just sitting in the dress section waiting for me to take it home.  Its $4 price tag called my name and boy did I love the sound of my name at that moment in time.  I had been looking for a dress like this for what seemed like an eternity.  It was playing hard to get hiding in a section that was not even close to my size.  When it comes to vintage clothing, the numbers on the tag are like the points in Whose Line, they are made up and they don’t matter.  I tried this sucker on, and even though it is about five sizes above my normal size, it was a perfect fit!  Oh the wonderful world of Goodwill.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

-The Thriftaholic Point Guard Kelley


17 thoughts on “The Thriftaholic Point Guard Kelley

  1. OK!~ I HAVE to say this is my FAV thus far!!!!!!!! ANd the boots are to die for!!!! PLUS you are wearing my fav color fingernail polish!

  2. Not only is this an incredible look, but you’ve made me feel like I can wear maxi skirts without heels. I like all of the similar tones you have in the outfit and then the punch of darkness with your great boots.

  3. I’m also rather addicted to thrifting, and as a fellow addict, I can say you got a seirous find in that dress. I can see why you love it so much. And with the slouchy top and moccasins- perfect! I love how you kept if from being too cutesy with such laid back pieces.

  4. Wow that dress is amazing! That sounds like such an incredible stroke of luck! I love how you paired the soft, feminine dress with the lace details with that comfy sweater–the colors look great together and the entire outfit looks SO comfortable-chic!

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