The Kelley Kelley

Today was a busy one.  Menu planning, coupon clipping, grocery shopping, and other random errands needed to be done.  This meant I needed a comfy laid back outfit that I could move around in.  Believe it or not, I do wear pants sometimes.  I noticed that I haven’t really posted any outfits that contain pants, but I do have them.  Around December of last year I decided to open my wardrobe up to skirts, and I really haven’t looked back.  I have always been more of a tomboy than a girly girl, so skirts were new to me.  While I have a new found love of skirts and dresses, I still love a good ol’ comfy T-shirt and jeans outfit.

Not to mention, you really can’t do this in a skirt… Well, you could, but I think a lot more cars would have been honking on their way by if I had a skirt on in this picture 😉

T-Shirt: Aeropostale – Pants: Old Navy   Shoes: Target – Undershirt: Forever 21

I have to tell you guys something, I used to worry WAY more about what I wore.  Not because I was worried that I wouldn’t look nice, but because I was worried I would look like I was trying to look nice… Does that even make sense?  My thought process was that if it looked like I was trying, but it wasn’t perfect, then somebody may judge me.  Whereas if I looked like I wasn’t trying too hard, nobody would judge me for trying and failing.  So I went through my days trying hard to look like I wasn’t trying hard… Ugh what a mess.

I really owe the change to all the great fashion bloggers I have started following.  They really just put on what they feel like wearing that day.  They are not afraid to mix things up and try out different styles depending on their mood.  My style has really grown and changed as a result.  I feel more free to be me.  Dressing like Kelley might mean a pretty dress one day, a skirt and a crazy top the next, or jeans and a T-shirt on other days.  I hope you feel free to dress like you too!

-The Kelley Kelley


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