The Super Color Blocking Kelley

It is time for the first thirty for 30 post!  I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats huh?  Well I won’t hold you in suspense much longer.  However, we all know I need to offer my long winded explanation of how this outfit came to be before I can show you any pictures, so get those fingernails out of your mouth and read for a minute will ya?

Last night I asked my husband what I should wear today.  After trying to tell me that he had no idea what clothes I own, he decided I should wear, “the blue one and the red one”, assuming that I own at least one blue and one red thing, and perhaps this answer would make me leave him alone.  Unfortunately for him the conversation was not over as I then I asked him if he was intentionally going to make me look like Superman. He answered in the form of a negative and explained that looking like Superwoman would be okay though…

This morning, after pretty much forgetting about that conversation, I got up and got dressed.  I was interested in trying the ever so cute color blocking trend that has been floating around the fashion world lately.  I thought I could do it with a twist. I was going to try it in some fun primary colors.  What are you waiting for, check out the pictures already!  Sheesh…

Top: I don’t remember… whoops – Skirt: Thrifted   Shoes: Target – Necklace and Belt: Forever 21

After putting this on I looked in the mirror and I swear I immediately  saw this.  I guess that conversation with my hubs must have still been subconsciously floating around in the back of my mind somewhere.  Oh well, today I am a superhero.  Excuse me while I go fly off and save the world.

-The Super Color Blocking Kelley


7 thoughts on “The Super Color Blocking Kelley

  1. first of all, i absolutely love the color blocking and your photos are so pretty 🙂
    the contrast of the colors is lovely and i might just try this sometime 😉

    good luck with the rest of the 30!

  2. I LOVE it!!! The skirt is Fabulous! I’m a shoe girl so I’m kinda sad I didn’t get a good peek at the shoes. 😦 But I’m ecstatic about following your 30 for 30

  3. Super Color Blocking Kelley is great! When it comes to style you have it.
    I have no doubt that you could save the world from a style crashing catastrophe.

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