The Clothes Whisperer Kelley

Today my husband and I have been running around like busy little bees (Well, I guess bees fly… And why are they so busy all the time anyway? Making honey for us I guess… poor honey slaves… off track.).  We have family coming in town tomorrow and there was lots of stuff to get done.  Things to buy, stuff to clean, yard to attack (Our back yard was pretty much a desert jungle and every time I try to pull out any of the weeds or tame the grass I end up with some kind of a horrible rash all over my hands and arms… not so fun. So the yard is the hub’s job.), and work to finish up.  We pretty much just had to do the stuff we wouldn’t want to do while family is here so we can spend more time with them when they arrive 🙂

To reward ourselves for all of that hard work, we decided to have a little date night. Here is what I wore.

Top: Thrifted – Skirt: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted   Shoes: Target – Necklace: Forever 21

Want to hear a funny story?  Actually it’s more like an embarrassing story that you will laugh at.  But, since it’s about me and not at all embarrassing for you, I thought you might enjoy hearing about it.  I walked into Goodwill the other day, and I saw this beautiful long white skirt hanging on the skirt rack all alone ($4.99 I might add).  Now, I have been looking for a long white skirt FOREVER, so I was pretty excited.  So excited in fact that I actually ran over, snatched it up and let out an audible, “Hello!”  Yes, I talked to the skirt.  Then I quickly looked around to make sure nobody heard me.  There was a woman an aisle over, but she didn’t seem to notice.  Either she was hard of hearing, used to running into weirdos at Goodwill, or she was being polite and pretending not to hear me speak to random items of clothing.  Either way, I spoke to the skirt first, so it was mine.  Those are the rules you know.

-The Clothes Whisperer Kelley

P.S. This is like the third time in my life that I have ever put on lipstick.  My skin is super sensitive and my lips are even more so. Usually after a day of lipstick my lips swell up like balloons… I guess we will see what happens.  Hopefully tomorrow’s post is not titled “The blow fish lipped Kelley”.


9 thoughts on “The Clothes Whisperer Kelley

  1. that’s a really pretty dress. i love the white and thin belt and the red lips.
    and your hair is so pretty 😉

    i hope you guys had fun!

  2. Oh please – I talk to clothes all the time. Sometimes I talk to the whole rack if i’m in a thrift store – like “please be here cute red shorts in my size – come out, come out, wherever you are….”
    i think it worked once, and i’m convinced it’s an effective way to shop now.

    Also, I love the skirt and your twisty messy bun, it looks perfect!

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