The Three Eyed Scarf Belting Kelley

The other day my husband informed me that he thinks he does thirty for 30 ALL of the time (well put a rose on your nose sir).  And you know what?  It’s probably true.  I think he has about 15 shirts that he usually wears, around 10 pairs of jean he rotates through, 1 pair of chucks that he puts on every morning, and a couple of jackets that he puts on now and then in the winter time. The thirty for 30 challenge obviously comes easy to some people. So far for me it is going okay.  I don’t find myself wishing for other items in my closet and I feel like I am being challenged to be creative with my clothes.  Of course, we are only on day four…

Dress: Thrifted – Belt: not sure? – Shoes: Thrifted   Scarf: Forever 21

Sometimes I see things on fashion blogs and and I have to try them.  Belting a scarf is one of those things.  I mean just look (Also, I LOVE Ramsey.  She is too cute for real life).  It’s funny how scary it can be to do new things with clothes.  I mean  all I am doing is putting on a scarf and a belt, but with how nervous I was to step out into public the first time I did this, you would think I was walking around with a third eye.  I am more comfortable with it now.  In fact, we may see it again during the thirty for 30.  It is such a great way to use accessories to really change up an outfit and make it more fun!

-The Three Eyed Scarf Belting Kelley


7 thoughts on “The Three Eyed Scarf Belting Kelley

  1. Oh no kell the scarf totally makes the whole outfit… It gives it texture and it looks awesome belted it helps to show off the smallest part (your waist duahh) while adding a more grown up look rather then a indie, drama nerd, emo chick…. all looks you have gone through and learned from 🙂 i am gonna have to try this one -sister Aj

  2. Oh, I’m so happy that you are following along! It makes me feel like I can tell you all about how things are going even though there are states and states between us. Sad, I miss you too 😦

  3. i feel you on the belted scarf.
    when i first saw this done, i was like, ‘can i do this?!’ and was so nervous but you look great!!! i heart the mix of colors with the purples and reds and the black is a nice canvas for it,
    beautiful dress to!

    and yes, my brothers are all like, ‘we do ’30 for 30′ all the time’ hahahahaha

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