The Silly Fashion Blogging Kelley

Hanging out, going to an antique mall, enjoying an evening church service, and eating up some scrumptious food.  That is what yesterday entailed.  Here is what I wore.

Top: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted – Pants: Old Navy – Shoes: Target   Scarf: Forever 21

Yesterday something weird happened… Something that was bound to happen sooner or later… I was just hoping it would have been later rather than… well sooner.

Because we went to church last night and neither my husband nor myself wanted to get out of bed as the sun was coming up, we ended up having to take photos at church.  I made sure we took them before anyone got there, so I wouldn’t be standing around awkwardly posing as people walked by.  Apparently we weren’t early enough, because somebody saw us… Later when she asked me why I was posing for the camera, I had to tell her about my blog.  She asked what it was about and I explained that lately it is a lot about the clothes that I wore. Man, doesn’t that just come off as the most super lame thing EVER?  Now, she was being super sweet about it, but nonetheless, I felt silly.

“Yeah, my clothes are like REALLY cute and cool and stylish and so I really just want to share them with the world you know? I mean I know that everyone really wants to see everything that I wear everyday.”

No, I didn’t say that, but that is what it felt like I was coming off as.  I talked to my husband about it on the car ride home.

Me:  Is is really lame to blog about the clothes I wear?  I mean is it just girly and annoying?

Husband:  No, you blog about things that you like, like cooking and clothes… that is why other people blog.  You really like reading fashion blogs and now you are having fun with your own.

You know what?  He’s right.  When I found the world of fashion blogs I was so excited.  Suddenly I realized that there were REAL people out there who were like me.  People who enjoyed being creative with their outfits (while also enjoying OTHER things too) but were still on a budget and could not always be flaunting around designer labels.  I enjoyed feeling like I was getting to know more about them and their style as I read their blogs.  I enjoyed being inspired by their fun ideas.  And you know what?  I enjoy feeling like I can play my own little part in that world.  No clothes are not the most important thing in my life, I mean I’m not nutso or anything.  It’s just something that I enjoy playing around with just like I enjoy crafting, cooking, singing, and lots of other things.  The same seems to be true for all of the other fashion blogs that I follow.  I feel like I should give a big shout out to all the awesome fashion bloggers who post about their clothes even if it feels silly 🙂  You’re awesome!

I don’t want anyone to ever be tricked into thinking that I claim to to be fashionable all the time.  Like anyone else, I am figuring this out as I go along.  I have days when it seems like I have taken out all of the clothes in my whole closet and thrown them on the floor while I sit amongst piles of clothes upset and telling my husband that I have “nothing to wear”. You know what I do on those days?  I check out other fashion blogs and find something that inspires me, then I recreate it in my own meager way.  Maybe my blog can do that for others.  And if not, that is fine too. Because if nothing else, this blog has been fun.  It is helping me chronicle this point in my life, and I like that.

Sorry that this was such a long post.  It was just something I needed to put out there.

-The Silly Fashion Blogging Kelley

P.S.  On a lighter note, please enjoy this ever so wonderful photo that my husband snapped on his iphone while we were at the antique mall. Yea… I’m a pink guitar playing rock star!


5 thoughts on “The Silly Fashion Blogging Kelley

  1. Awww Kel!

    1. You’re not silly, you’re creative and wonderful.

    2. Don’t ever feel like you need to apologize for being able to find the beauty in things… even if the things are clothes. It doesn’t make you an “elbow girl” or any kind of annoying. Just smart and unique. Some people look a canvas and see possibilities for great art, you do the same with your closet. You wear art. You are art. And that is awesome.

    3. When I’m looking at my mess of a closet and can’t find anything I want to wear and am running out of ideas, I ALREADY am turning to you for inspiration, even with just a handful of posts under your belt. So you’re already accomplishing all kinds of cool things with this blog. And THAT is awesome.

    I love you forever my sister, cousin, friend and new favorite blog star 🙂

  2. awww, i hope you don’t feel the need to defend yourself.
    there are lots of folks out there who are just unaware and a little ignorant but don’t let them get to you 🙂 you look lovely and you’re having fun and that’s all that matters 🙂

    i think you look rad 🙂

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