The Itchy No Touchy Touchy Kelley

I’m still trucking along on this Thirty for 30. As I was getting ready in the bathroom yesterday, my husband brushed up against me while I was wearing this skirt (we have a pretty small bathroom, so this horrible “touching” thing is sure to accidentally happen every now and then).

Husband:  That skirt is itchy.
Me: Well it’s not itchy on the inside and that is all that matters to me.
Husband:  Well, people definitely will not walk by a touch your butt while you are wearing that.
Me: … good…

So, if your looking for a butt touching deterrent, (According to my husband this seems to be a real problem in the world, and one we need to solve.) check out outfit number eight and maybe find yourself a nice wool skirt!

Top: Thrifted – Skirt: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted – Shoes: Target   Nail Polish: Wet n Wild: Bite the Bullet

I got a few comments asking about the nail polish I was wearing in my last post (and still wearing in this one… I might be too lazy to put on a new color every day… or every week…).  I am almost embarrassed to say that it is Wet n Wild.  I remember wearing this brand in like 5th grade.  However, when I went hunting around Walgreens for a nice lilac color, I realized nail polish can be like $9 and this one was only $1.99.  Which means WIN.  The color is Bite the Bullet (it looks pink on the website, but it is more a light purple).

Also, my hair in the last post was my failed attempt at using this tutorial for a waterfall braid.  I LOVE hair tutorials!  Even if I have thin scroungy hair that never looks anything like the person posting, even halfway faking the look can turn out good sometimes (after the 3rd try)  🙂

-The Itchy No Touchy Touchy Kelley


4 thoughts on “The Itchy No Touchy Touchy Kelley

  1. I love the top you’re wearing. I actually love your style period. And I only pain’t my nails like once a few months. I usually let it all come off. LOL

  2. i fail at hair tutorials. someone will have to do it for me heehee. you look great though.

    also, i’m sure the husband is please there won’t be any butt grabbing haha.
    i love the top you have on!

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