The Slurping Teacher Kelley

I’m going to tell you all about an important lesson that I have recently learned.  If you are one of those people who hears the word, “lesson” and has an automatic reaction of falling asleep, WAKE UP!  For you nervous learners out there, this is not school, and there will be no quiz to check for understanding, so don’t get all frazzled.  However, for all of my visual learners, I have some visual-aides for you to enjoy before the lesson.

Top: Thrifted – Skirt: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted – Shoes: Thrifted – Necklace: Thrifted

(Wow, I think that may be the first time I have included a COMPLETELY thrifted outfit.  Yea for being frugal and fashion savvy).

Okay, for this lesson I have prepared three simple bullet points.

  • The Thirty for 30 includes thirty different clothing items (shoes count but other “accessories” do not).
  • During the Thirty for 30 you have to wear said items and ONLY said items for thirty days.
  • For these reasons, the thirty chosen items should be clean and well taken care of whenever possible.

Okay, teacher Kelley aside, because I only have 30 items of clothing to choose from for a month, I have been a little bit nervous each time I move, eat, or generally live and breath in my outfits.  For example, while wearing this white shirt in outfit number two, the hubs and I went out to eat and I managed to gracefully slurp sauce all over the poor thing.  Then I wore it again in outfit number six.  Thinking I had learned my lesson, I got a sandwich for lunch because that seemed much safer than saucy noodles… Yea, I was wrong.  I ended up throwing away half of my large Quizno’s sub (don’t judge me, this girl eats A LOT of food) and feeling like I was starving for the rest of the night because I did not trust myself to not plop sandwich juice on my white shirt.

What does all of this have to do with outfit number nine?  Well, I think my clothes are getting sick of me wearing the same thing over and over… I went into my closet yesterday to grab this green skirt, and I think one of my lonely none thirty for 30 clothing items sabotaged it (It’s like a clothing version of Toy Story when I turn off the lights in my closet, I know it!).  As soon as I put it on I heard: “tink, tink, tiddley tiddley tiddley”, which in skirt language means “My clear inside button that is chameleon like and can blend in with anything, just fell off and rolled across your bathroom floor and is probably under something or in a place that is altogether unreachable.  Good luck with that.”  I taught that skirt by wearing it anyway, HA!

So, my clothes are falling apart and slowly being covered with stains… It is either their way of rebelling against the thirty for 30, or I just need to take better care of my clothing… important lesson learned.

-The Slurping Teacher Kelley


9 thoughts on “The Slurping Teacher Kelley

  1. Yeah, that’s the tough thing about thrifted clothes too. You just never know if their previous owners were very nice to them.

  2. I have the same issue with my 30 for 30. Not that I’m extremely drippy, but the problem is if for some reason I develop a hole in my mouth I don’t have many alternatives to choose from.


    • I know right?! Be nice to your clothes and don’t eat like a toddler during the Thirty for 30 or it will slowly become the 29 for 30, 28 for 30… and soon you shall be wearing nothing.

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