The Stressed From No Stress Kelley

Top: Thrifted – Jeans: Old Navy – Shoes: Target   Necklace: Target

Yesterday was our last relaxed hangin with the fam day.  All of the family left for the airport about an hour ago.  Now it’s just me and the husband staring at each other blankly wondering why it is so quiet in the house and trying to remember how we entertained ourselves before family was in town.

A while ago my husband told me that he thinks we enjoy stress. I looked him straight in the eye and called him a liar.  What can I say, I call em like I see em.  Stressing out about having too much stuff to do is LAME… However, now that we are all alone with nothing to do for one day… I am starting to think I should take back my earlier name calling.  I’m an adult, but I think I need one of these (Also, I will be doing this one day when I have children, it’s pretty much a GREAT idea!).

-The Stressed From No Stress Kelley


6 thoughts on “The Stressed From No Stress Kelley

  1. haha, i prefer the non-stress but it’s true, we do thrive on the stressful situations.
    happy staring at each other. 🙂 heehee.

    alos, you look rad in those pants. and your hair is pretttttty!!!

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