The Dancing Vintage Kelley

Get ready for lots of pictures guys.  This is what happens when my husband and I go to the park for photos when the light is PERFECT and we are having WAY too much fun 🙂

Dress: Thrifted – Shirt: Thrifted Belt: Not sure… – Shoes: Forever 21   Ribbon: Michaels   Earring pinning ribbon: Gift

For some reason I decided I wanted to have a vintage 1950s kind of look on Sunday.  Are you guys starting to notice how this LBD goes with EVERYTHING?!  It is definitely the piece that is getting the BIGGEST workout during the Thirty for 30 (So far, it was also in outfit four and outfit seven).  I kinda love it!

In the spirit of honesty though (remember that we took these photos on Saturday) I didn’t wear EXACTLY this on Sunday. I’m a girl, so I think it is okay that I changed my mind and went with a black belt (my little snake charming belt) and painted my fingernails red for a little bit of a less obvious red accent.  Sorry for not taking pictures of the change, but hey, there are only so many hours in the day kiddos.

So, the hubs and I went to the park as we were taking outfit pictures (yes, many parks in AZ have gravel and dirt all over the ground).  We accidentally discovered that our park does this thing called “The Park After Dark.”  There were kids everywhere eating food, jumping in those bouncy house things, and walking by as we took photos insisting that girlfriend “work it”.  In case you are wondering, “girlfriend” is yours truly.

Later that night we even got to see a fun fireworks show.  It was a pretty awesome accidental find. Oh, but did I mention the fact that there was MUSIC?  Yea, it was playing the WHOLE time we were taking photos and the hubs had to keep telling me to STOP dancing.  Finally, he let me break loose during Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.  You can see the results below.

All in all, BEST outfit photo session fun thus far!  Hope your weekend was awesome too!

-The Dancing Vintage Kelley


4 thoughts on “The Dancing Vintage Kelley

  1. awww you’re too cute. who cares if you didn’t wear exactly this?! you look amazing! i love the shirt inside the dress and the ribbon and the GIF!!! you dancer you!!!! so adorable 🙂

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