The Goodwill Mixing Kelley

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Pretty much anyone who has ever seen me get into a pool can attest to the fact that I don’t usually jump into things head first.  Nope.  Instead I slowly put one toe in, test things out, and if I like it I may continue to cautiously wade into the water.  Why am I telling you this?  Wouldn’t it be weird if I had just stopped typing right there?  So serious…

No, here is the real deal peeps (can I pull off “peeps”?), pattern mixing is a scary thing. It could turn out to be wonderful like…

*Note, this is not me… I know she REALLY looks like me.  But it’s an Anthropology model.  Close though.

Or you could also end up like this girl… Yikes!  Lucky for that girl I think it was the late 80s or early 90s when they made that video, and even though the lame old guys in the video are not aware of it, her clothes were kinda cool… at the time.

So, there is obviously a way to correctly pattern mix, and a way to do it wrong.  Still, whenever I try it I hear that song in the back of my head.  So, I started out small. Just a patterned shirt and scarf, rather than two LARGE patterns.  Go ahead and start singing while you look at the result (I know that song is stuck in your head now… sorry).

Button-up: Thrifted – Undershirt: Thrifted – Scarf: Thrifted – Shoes: Thrifted   Jeans: (True Religion) Thrifted

Last Tuesday I linked up my post to “Thriftaholics Weekly” and showed that when thrifting you can make professional, yet stylish, outfits.  So, this week, in order to show how diverse Goodwill can be and how it can fit many styles, I went in the complete opposite direction.  Last night my husband and I went over to a friend’s house (friend/awesome family) for a game night.  I wanted a fun and casual outfit so I could just chill.  This outfit was thrifted from head to toe! And although I cannot remember the exact amounts, I’m sure the whole kit and kaboodle cost me under $20.  So, in case you did not believe me last week… here is proof.  Goodwill caters to a diverse audience… or at least ones who cannot decide if they want to be business or party… The mullet of stores… Yea, I like Goodwill, so let’s not go with that metaphor.

See ya on the flip side peeps (Yea, I think I can pull it off).

-The Goodwill Mixing Kelley


11 thoughts on “The Goodwill Mixing Kelley

  1. 1. I LOVE Parachute Express!

    2. You look awesome.

    3. You CAN pull off “peeps”, but maybe not “knifes” with an “n” 🙂

    • All I can say about thrifting jeans, and thrifting in general is you have to be patient, be patient again, and then be patient some more. You are going to find some pretty funky stuff for a while before you find anything great. But when you do find that great something, it is all worth it!

  2. LOVE this one!~~~~~ and it totally reminded me (the video) Of someone we BOTH know, and her childhood dressing habits!! LOL

  3. Hi there! Stumbled here from Shopping & Spreadsheets. Love your mixing of pattern in this outfit. It’s a relaxed look, with a bit of whimsy. After looking at many of your other posts, I’m now a fan. You’re lovely! I too just posted a mixed pattern look. Only, I sort of went full boar… not totally by choice. The four baskets of dirty laundry forced me to.
    Van C. of The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

    • Oh thanks! I’m loving Lydia’s style over at Shopping & Spreadsheets. Between her blog and my blog, you must have pretty good taste 😉 I’m excited to check out your blog soon when all your photos are back up and running.

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