The Floral Fivehead Kelley

The husband and I had another meeting last night.  It’s been really fun getting to sit down and chat with brides-to-be and hear all about their plans for their big day.  We’ve met with some pretty organized and creative ladies.  I wish I was half as creative and organized when I was getting married, my wedding would have been WAY better 🙂

Anywho, here is what I wore.

Skirt:  Thrifted – Shirt: Thrifted – Shoes: Thrifted   Necklace: Thrifted

I used to be such a tomboy.  There was NO way that you could have convinced me to wear anything with a floral pattern.  If you tried to put me in a skirt and send me to school, I likely would have just put a pair of baggy jeans into my backpack to change into later (I was sneaky like that). Now, everything has changed. I am loving floral patterns and skirts are really growing on me.

On another note… As you can see in these photos, I have what some nice people would call a “five-head”… and what some not so nice people would call a “Freaking HUGE forehead” (mean people suck huh?).  Bangs are not really an option for me, they are a must. Sadly, no matter how much I said this to my bangs yesterday, they decided they wanted to fly about every which way and be free like a hippie in the early 1970s.  Well, fivehead was better than bangs that I think I heard singing Freebird so I pinned them back to teach them a lesson in self-control.

-The Floral Fivehead Kelley

P.S.  Can you believe that we are half way through the Thirty for 30?!  So far it has been complete cool beans covered in quite a good amount of awesome sauce.  Check it out:


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