The Windblown Streaker Scared Kelley

We were going to take outfit pictures around our neighborhood yesterday until we ran into the neighbor… you know THAT neighbor right?  There is one in every neighborhood… and if you don’t think your neighborhood has one, it might just be you (I bet I am THAT weird neighbor that is always getting her picture taken, so it’s okay, don’t be sad.)

So yea, we starting walking along, and then we saw said neighbor also walking along.  The only difference between us and him was that we were fully clothed and he was in his old man THAT neighbor underwear and nothing else… so we quickly turned around and took pictures in our walled in back yard like any normal person would do in that situation. You’re welcome for saving you from having that as my backdrop 😉

Dress (worn as skirt):  Thrifted – Shirt: Thrifted – Shoes: Target   Belt: Thrifted

Yesterday pictures did not want to be taken.  First there was the neighbor trying to relive his glory days as a streaker, then there was the wind…  I would take one normal picture and then this would happen:

Then I would fix my hair to make it look normal again… and this would happen:

Then there is the fact that if you take 100 pictures of me my eyes are usually open in about 2 or 3 of them.  I think my eyes are afraid of camera shutters.  Mix that with high speed wind blowing into my eyes and you get four photos IN A ROW that look like this:

My husband is an AMAZING photographer, there is NO doubt about that!  But I am NOT made to be a model.  So whenever you see any good pictures on my blog, it is REALLY a credit to how awesome my hubs is with a camera.  It meant he was able to capture the one moment that I had open eyes, was not looking awkward, and did not have hair all up in my face.  Thanks babe for always making me look good!

Oh yea, I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea (parent trap anyone?) yesterday while trying to figure out what to wear to a meeting.  I think it is going to be something exciting for this blog after I finish up the Thirty for 30.  So, I guess you’ll get to see my genius play out in about 14 days or so.  I’m pretty excited, are you?

-The Windblown Streaker Scared Kelley


2 thoughts on “The Windblown Streaker Scared Kelley

  1. Oh man, half my outfit pictures always end up with hair all over my face too! And your neighbor sounds super creepy…I’m really hoping the creepiest thing around is me taking pictures of myself too!

  2. heehee, that neighbor. we all have one.
    oh and you’re a fab model considering you aren’t professional and all. love the printed top and how you belted it too 😉

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