The Scandalous Pattern Owning Kelley

Dear Pattern Mixing,

Consider yourself OWNED.



Skirt:  Forever 21 – Shirt: Thrifted – Shoes: Forever 21   Belt: Thrifted   Necklace: Thrifted

Yes, I know this skirt is scandalously short when worn this high, but don’t worry, I tried to refrain from doing high kicks while wearing it 😉  I willingly wore this skirt short because I really wanted to get a fun paper bag affect with the top of it.  Don’t you love paper bag waists?

Yesterday was a day of firsts.

  1. I finally OWNED full fledged pattern mixing for the first time with this polka-dot skirt and floral top. What can I say?  After I dipped my toe in, the water felt nice and warm so I decided to take a dive.
  2. I knitted my very first hat and it actually turned out pretty well if I may give myself a little compliment.

On another note, are you happy it is Friday?  I sure am!  This weekend we are going to shoot a wedding and I am pretty excited for it because the whole Radiant Photography team will be working together again. I hope all of you have a fun weekend planned!

-The Scandalous Pattern Owning Kelley


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