The Reminiscent Fancy Shmancy Spinning Kelley

Top: Thrifted – Sweater: Thrifted – Belt: Forever 21– Jeans: Old Navy – Shoes: Target

I had WAY too much fun while taking these photos at the park on Friday night.  You know, sitting by dumpsters, on old benches with gum on the back of them, and modeling in front of what I think is a bathroom door… The usual type of fun.

But then I saw some pull up bars and I got wild and reminiscent. Did you have these things on your playground in elementary school?  I did, and when I saw them at the park I had a flash back to spinning around and doing all sorts of tricks while developing blisters that I could show off to all of my friends.  I know I’m old now, and I shouldn’t have, but come on, you know I had to get up and give it a go.  But, I’m old, and the getting up part was harder than I remember.

After working hard to get up there, I did some fancy shmancy spinning tricks while simultaneously scaring my husband half to death.  He was convinced that I was going to fall off and break my neck, but this girl still gots it 🙂

-The Reminiscent Fancy Shmancy Spinning Kelley

P.S.  Here is what my husband’s face looked like after I finally got off the bars.

Poor boy haha.


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