The Twirly Nightgown Wearing Kelley

Skirt (worn as dress): Thrifted – Button up: Thrifted – Necklace: Forever 21– Shoes: Forever 21

When I pulled this skirt all the way up past my chest my husband looked at me like I was crazy.  “Now it just looks like a nightgown.” was is fashion critique.  Then I grabbed this button up and tied it high around my waist. He nodded, “Oh, I see.  Now it looks nice.”  Yea it does, and it’s WAY twirly too. I challenge anyone to put this skirt/dress on and NOT twirl in it.  I don’t think it is possible.

All this to say, sometimes I think I worry my husband when I start getting dressed.  I mean he does have to be seen with me.  But, I usually end up making everything okay in the end… usually being the key word.

-The Twirly Nightgown Wearing Kelley

P.S.  One day I’m spinning, the next I’m twirling… I’m apt to get some pretty serious motion sickness if I don’t calm down.


6 thoughts on “The Twirly Nightgown Wearing Kelley

  1. Love this AND I’m finna use one of my long bohemian styled skirts to do the same tomorrow. I have a fetish for wearing clothes how they weren’t meant to be worn. I’ve worn a shirt as a skirt, a dress as a skirt, a skirt as a top, etc. LOL~

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