The Icky Oversized Sweater Wearing Kelley

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Skirt: Thrifted – Sweater: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted– Shoes: Target

Some days you wake up and you feel like you are going to vomit from the time you lift your head off of the pillow for pretty much the remainder of the day.

Some days you have a long list of things to get done including laundry, dishes, cleaning the whole house, menu planning, couponing, catching up on emails, and shopping for the week.

Some days you get just about nothing done because you feel icky and you just want to stay in bed.

For me, today has been all of these somedays wrapped into one.  This outfit is one I have been wanting to wear, but my lasting fear of pattern mixing and the over 100 degree weather here in the desert has been keeping me from doing so.  Today, my lack of washing clothes and sick stomach both forced me into wearing this comfy outfit.  I don’t know about you, but even in the summer, when I feel sick I grab an oversized sweater and LIVE in it until I feel better.

I bought this sweater recently at Goodwill. Most people are not picking through the sweater section in June and July, instead, they are donating to it.  Which means that is the BEST time to find great sweaters 🙂  Just a little thrifting tip, shop out of season.  You will be happy you did 😉

Anyway, I was feeling like it was silly to include this sweater in a summer Thirty for 30, but I am happy I did.  Sweaters usually make me feel better when I feel yucky.  I think it is working… We’ll see tomorrow.

-The Icky Oversized Sweater Wearing Kelley

P.S.  I owe you guys two past outfit posts (the 4th of July and the 3rd).  I have been meaning to get them up, but between shooting a wedding this weekend, the holiday, and feeling yucky, well, they are late.  Sorry Charley, I’ll get them up soon.

We are 2/3 of the way done with the Thirty for 30.  Here is a quick recap:


7 thoughts on “The Icky Oversized Sweater Wearing Kelley

  1. Ooh, congrats on being 2/3 done! I think I’m barely 1/2 done, so I’m a little jealous. And comfy sweaters are the best when you’re feeling sick…I think I might have to hit up goodwill soon too.

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