The Belated Patriotic Kelley

Pants: Old Navy – Top: Thrifted – Belt: ? – Ribbon: Michaels – Shoes: Target

What’s that you say?  This looks like a perfect 4th of July outfit?  How very perceptive you are.  Did you also notice that today is NOT the 4th of July?  You did?!  Well geeze, somebody had their Wheaties this morning. You’re right, this is a perfect 4th of July outfit, and today is not the 4th of July, it is July 7th.  But, it’s okay, cause I really wore this outfit on the 4th, it just took me forever and a half to post it.

The real test is, did you notice that this outfit looks a little bit like one we have seen already?  Yea, well I figured that since the only thing that is really the same about these two outfits is my hair and the shirt, it was worth posting this one. Cheating?  I think not.  More like a clever remix to add a patriotic twist.  Happy belated birthday USA 🙂 (even though that’s not really what the 4th of July is…)

-The Belated Patriotic Kelley


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