The Spleen Squishing Kelley

Please excuse the squinty eyes, it was way too bright outside.  The sun has decided to never set in AZ.

Skirt, top, belt, sweater, and shoes: Thrifted – Necklaces: Forever 21

This is the first time this skirt has made an appearance during the Thirty for 30.  It will also likely be the last.  Why?  Oh, only because I feel like I want to faint whilst wearing it.  Last night I told my husband that I think this skirt would be a perfect fit… if only I didn’t have a spleen (those silly spleens taking up space)… at which point we spent far too long debating the function of the spleen (the fact that two college educated people had to debate this was a little disheartening) and if I could possibly have mine removed in order to fit into this skirt a little better.

Don’t worry, I opted to keep the spleen, lose the skirt, and hit the gym 😉

-The Spleen Squishing Kelley

P.S.  If any of you guys found yourselves contemplating the reason YOU have a spleen I wikied it… cause that is what college educated people do right?


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