The Subtly Yellow Kelley

Yellow | Everybody, Everywear

Skirt: Old Navy Top: Thrifted Shoes: Target – Necklaces: Forever 21

I’ve been holding out on you guys.  I didn’t post ANY outfit photos from this weekend… The post that went up on Saturday was actually what I wore on Friday.  This means I am behind, yet again (what else is new right?).  But, let me tell you that it was worth getting behind, because this weekend was pretty legen… wait for it… dary… For reals guys, I loved this weekend and you shall hear more about it later.

Anywho, you will be seeing a bunch more outfit posts soon as I will be playing catch up (not to be confused with playing with ketchup… although if I was as smooth as Matt LeBlanc I might try that too.), but right now let us focus on important things… like the clothes I am wearing right now.

When I heard that the EBEW was going to be yellow this month I was a little sad.  Don’t get me wrong, I love yellow as much as the next crazy person who blogs about clothes, but I was sad because I thought I had no yellow items in my Thirty for 30 stash.  Then I remembered this skirt is yellow.  I mean it’s not a bright, shield your eyes, blinded by the light kind of summer yellow, but it is yellow none the less.  And the dots on this shirt (while hard to see) are actually almost the exact same shade as the skirt.  I paired them with a necklace that has a few gold chains and BAM, yellow we have.  It may not have been what I first thought of when I dreamed of a summery yellow outfit, but sometimes subtlety is a nice change from the bright neons that we so often find ourselves wearing (and loving) during the summer.

-The Subtly Yellow Kelley


15 thoughts on “The Subtly Yellow Kelley

  1. LOVE this!!! and i love your blog!! i have a skirt just like this, but its dark brown. i got it from old navy for 2.50! holly awesome! i wonder if its the same one! we could be twinners!! hahaha anyways love this outfit!!

  2. I almost bought that skirt from Old Navy when it was on clearance! Now that I think about it, I’m really not sure why I didn’t because it’s super cute! Also, that youtube video pretty much made my day.

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