The Color Popping Scarf Knitting Kelley

Jeans: Old Navy Top: ? Sweater: Thrifted – Belt: Thrifted – Scarf: Made by moi

Yes, I am wearing a scarf again… but it’s okay, because this is what I wore on Friday when I was up in Pinetop.  As we were driving out of Phoenix the temperature dropped about 20+ degrees and I actually shivered and got goosebumps a few times while I was up there.  For any of you fellow desert dwellers out there, those are things that your body does when it gets cold.  That has not happened for me in a long time.

Also, I made this scarf (I know, you can tell haha).  It is the very first thing that I ever knitted… Well, the very first thing that I ever knitted and did not pull apart right away out of frustration.  I had no less than three knitters around me last Christmas trying to show me the ropes… maybe that was my problem, you don’t knit with ropes silly, you knit with yarn… See what I did there?  Yea…  Anyways, maybe one day I will get better and make a real scarf.  Until then this little beaut will have to do.  At least it adds a pop of color 🙂

-The Color Popping Scarf Knitting Kelley


7 thoughts on “The Color Popping Scarf Knitting Kelley

  1. That’s more than I’ve ever knitted, so I’d say you’re way ahead of the game! (Although I did make a potholder once with a Lisa Frank kit, does that count?)

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