The Balloon Vase Making Kelley

When I started this blog (all of a month ago) I knew that it was going to be a fashion blog.  But I also did not want to limit myself to just outfit posts because this blog is really about all of the things that make me smile.  Hence the recipes that you may run into on the blog sometimes.  Cooking is something I enjoy, when I do something I enjoy I tend to smile, and I think we have been over the things that make me smile situation.

So, adding to the list of things that I enjoy… Crafting.  Yup, I’m a craftster.  I don’t do it that often, but I do tinker around with a few projects here and there, which means you may find them here and there on the ol’ blog.

In fact, oh wait, here is one now.  Well, isn’t that impeccable timing.

I love fall.  No really, I LOVE fall.  So when the cool weather starts to roll around I start lighting pumpkin spice candles, baking pumpkin bread, places pumpkin decorations all over our house (wow, maybe I just really like pumpkins), you get the picture.  Well, after fall leaves, I get sad, and naturally I can’t take down all of those decorations in a state of depression.  So then people come over to our house in June and ask us about all the pumpkins on our shelves.  It’s kind of embarrassing.  So this summer I decided to put the pumpkins away.

The only problem now?  What to use for summer decor.  The solution?  Pinterest, DUH!  Please tell me you have heard of  It’s my new obsession.  I use it to get inspiration on everything from outfits to photos, cooking to crafts, and more.  Please tell me that you love pinterest too so we can stay friends.  If you haven’t become addicted yet, you will… sorry in advance for stealing away hours of your life.

So I looked on Pinterest for some inspiration and I came across these:

I knew I could do something summery with these ideas.  Here is my take on it.

Want to try?  Here is what you will need:

Small class (larger than a shot glass and about 2 in. in diameter)

1 balloon in your color choice

floral wire

styrofoam balls in different sizes

paint in your color choice

foam brushes

Take your glass…

and your balloon, and (starting from the bottom of the glass) stretch your balloon onto the glass.  This is the hardest part so it might take a couple tries.

Now, push the top of the balloon into the glass so it looks like the photo above.  Cool huh?

Now, take those styrofoam balls…

and use your foam brush to paint them.

I stuck a toothpick in mine to have something to hold on to that was not covered in paint.

While those are drying, cut two pieces of floral wire.  One should be the length that you want the stem to be, the other should be quite a bit longer. Now, wrap the longer wire around the shorter one.  This will make the wire stronger, and it also gives it a fun twisted metal texture that I like.

When your styrofoam is dry, stick one of them in the end of your wrapped wire and place the other end in your balloon vase.

Repeat as many times as you would like.  I added a vase of some summery lemons and limes for a little something extra.

Mission “Find Summer Decor” is now complete. 🙂

-The Balloon Vase Making Kelley


3 thoughts on “The Balloon Vase Making Kelley

  1. Pinterest is so addicting and inspiring. I can’t get over how cool and creative this is.. And I love how your balloon vase came out! The colors your used look lovely together.

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