The Late List Making Kelley

Pants: Thrifted – Top: Thrifted Shoes: Target

This is the outfit that I wore while shooting the wedding this past Saturday.  You know what?  I realized that I told you last weekend was awesome, but I didn’t really explain why.  Please, let me know take the time to correct this unfortunate situation.

Why Last Weekend Was Awesome – A List

  1. Cabin up in the mountains away from the heat of the desert.
  2. Awesomely amazing friends to hang out with. Three cheers for the Radiant Four being together again!
  3. Shooting what is now one of my favorite weddings EVER. Seriously though, the bride and groom looked like Ken and Barbie (but in a way better non-plastic way) so they were WAY easy to take photos of, but they were also the nicest and most laid back people I have  ever met.  I mean it rained hardcore on their wedding day and they didn’t even break a sweat or shed any tears (don’t worry, the sun came out later).
  4. No WIFI… yup, I was off the grid for three and a half days and boy did it feel great!
  5. We did not get eaten by a bear.  Apparently there has been a problem with these not so cuddly creatures around the Pinetop area, and I would be lying if I said I was not a little afraid.

So, that’s it, my weekend in a nutshell.  Like how it took me until Friday to tell you about it?  Yeah, I’m just that good.

-The Late List Making Kelley


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