The Vase Spraying Kelley

This is not going to be anything elaborate or amazing (I know, shocking since most of my posts tend to be mind-blowingly wonderful), but I had to share this fun craft idea with all of you.

This is another idea that stemmed from my recent addiction. It’s okay guys, I have it under control and it is not hurting anyone, so it’s okay. And staying up until 2AM to check out a website is totally normal behavior right?  Good, I’m glad you’re on my side.

So, a while back I saw this:

I really liked the idea, but I wanted to make a few changes.  I am not in love with the ties around the top, and while I like the jar look, I thought it might look a little bit classier with some vases.  Here is my take on it:

Sorry that I didn’t take any pictures during the process, but it is pretty easy. Let me break it down for you.

  1. Grab some old clear glass vases (I got these for $.99 each at Goodwill) and wash and dry them (especially if you get them from Goodwill… egak, who knows what they have been used for.).
  2. Wrap a length of twine randomly around each vase.  Tape one end of the twine inside the vase and the other end to the bottom (Make sure the tape is not touching the sides of the vases.).
  3. Spray each vase with a gloss spray paint (I used Krylon brand which I got at Walmart for a little over $3.). I did three coats one my first vase (the one on the right) but only two on the second one (on the left).  I think two – three coats seems good.  Wait about ten minutes between each coat though, or it may get drippy.
  4. After everything is all dry (I waited about 45 mins just to be safe cause well, spray paint IS flammable and my motto is “safety first”!) remove the twine, place a candle inside each vase (I used tealights, but I think I’ll use something bigger next time), light it, and sit in the dark and enjoy the flickering light that is streaming from your masterpiece.
  5. ***I noticed that my twine lines did not all come out as smooth as I wanted, so I just used a toothpick to scratch off some of the extra paint and make the lines more defined.  This may or may not be an issue for you depending on how tightly you wrap your twine before you spray paint your vases.

This project ended up costing me a total of about $5 all said and done, and I think it turned out pretty well. Best of all, I think these babies look great for summer, but I also think they are going to transition well into all of the other seasons.  Which we all know is good for me since I have a habit of never taking down my seasonal decor.  Can’t you just see these with pumpkin spice candles in them for fall or gingerbread candles in the winter? YUM!

-The Vase Spraying Kelley


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