The Game Playing Messy Mop Sporting Kelley

Pants: Old Navy Undershirt: Thrifted Overshirt: Thrifted Shoes: Target

I wore this outfit on Wednesday.  We had a game night with some friends that we had not seen in WAY too long.  I guess it’s kind of dorky, but I LOVE game nights.  Actually, they are one of my favorite things.  I like cards and all kinds of other silly games that result in lots of fun and laughs.

On a completely different note, I think I need this.  Seriously, do you see my hair in these pictures?  I’ve had it up to here with this hair (okay, that expression doesn’t work so well in blog land, but my hand is like WAY up in the air right now).  I need to make a haircut a priority, but that makes me sad cause I am really trying to grow it out and it is just NOT happening.  I’m not blow drying it, not flat ironing it, not curling it, getting it trimmed every 6-8 weeks, and NOTHING. It’s baby thin, always dry and brittle, and naturally messy/blah.  Anyone have any good tricks for getting thin hair to thicken up, lame hair to grow, or dry hair to gain a bit of moisture?  I would be eternally grateful and you wouldn’t have to look at this messy mop anymore if you share 😉

-The Game Playing Messy Mop Sporting Kelley


7 thoughts on “The Game Playing Messy Mop Sporting Kelley

  1. My sister is a hair stylist so she shared a few tips with me. First, is to get the split ends frequently nipped off. Second, eat lots of lentils and spinach. Take a vitamine C tablet. Third, only wash your hair every other day to allow your hair to restore its natural oils and use hair oils to add more. I hope this helps.

  2. I’m with ya, Kel. I’ve been trying to grow mine out for ages. I’ve basically done the same thing – just stopped using blowdryers and straighteners and basically over-conditioning the ends to keep them from splitting. I just stopped trimming it though – everyone says that’s bad for you but it’s the only thing thats worked for me, to basically just stop touching it.

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