The Fancy Casual Kelley

“Is this okay to wear to a meeting?”

That is a question I asked my husband about a week back while getting ready to meet with somebody about possibly doing some photography for them.  His response was a little wishy-washy, which made me think I needed to change.  However, instead of completely starting over (Because that is WAY too much work), I swapped out the pants I was wearing for a skirt, added a belt, and called it good.

“How about this?” I asked.

His response? “Wow, that’s great!  Change a couple of things and suddenly it’s fancy.”

Then my response to his response? “You are a genius!”

And from that short interaction, the brilliant beyond brilliant idea of Fancy Casual was born.

Honestly, while this idea sprung from a silly conversation, it is something that is actually pretty important to me.  When I started teaching last year I suddenly felt like I needed two wardrobes, one filled with my “Professional Teacher Clothes” and another  containing “Real Kelley Clothes”.  Let me tell you, two wardrobes on a teacher’s paycheck is just silly… they pretty much cancel each other out.

So, about halfway through the school year I said, “I’m done with this!” I stopped buying “Teacher Clothes” and “Real Kelley Clothes” and started just buying clothes.  I wore the same clothes to work that I wore everywhere else, I just remixed things differently depending on what I was doing that day.

Even now that I am not teaching, this concept is still relevant, and that made me see that this is something that is an applicable struggle for lots of ladies out there.  We are living both professional and mellow lives, but we are doing it on a budget that only affords one closet full of clothes.

So, in order to be an inspiration to myself (if no one else) and a constant reminder that one wardrobe is enough, I am going to start a new series for this little blog called, “Fancy Casual”.  The idea behind it is that you can use the same clothing pieces whether you are going out to see a movie with some friends or meeting a client.  For each Fancy Casual entry I will use one “centerpiece” to style.  With that piece I will make a Fancy outfit and then, changing no more than three things, use that piece to make a casual outfit.  So, I’ll be going from business up breezy in three moves or less.  The first Fancy Casual post will be up shortly

Go ahead and follow along if you’d like.  If you wouldn’t like to follow along that’s fine too, but then why did you spend the last five minutes reading this ridiculously long explanation of a simple concept?  You thought it was going to be more interesting huh?  Sorry to disappoint.

-The Fancy Casual Kelley


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