The Split End Picnic Personifying Kelley

Skirt: Thrifted Shirt: Target Necklace: Forever 21 – Shoes: Forever 21

Today I made an appointment to get my haircut… I HATE getting my hair cut, but I am really trying to grow it out and I know it is good to trim the ends now and then for the hair to be healthy and grow.  So today I sucked it up and made an appointment for 5pm.  Then I drove to the salon and they told me “Kelley” had already come in for her 5pm appointment… hhhmm…  Apparently two Kelleys called for an appointment at the same time and they only wrote down one of them, cause you know, there could only possibly be one Kelley in the world.  I felt like pointing this out.  Instead, after they informed me that they had no more openings, I left with my messy split ends still intact.  Maybe I’ll get up the courage to try again next week…

As for this outfit, I can’t decide if it makes me feel like a farm girl or a picnic.  Not a person at a picnic, just a picnic.  You know, checkered blankets (the shirt) that are usually red (the skirt) and eating food on the grass surrounded by a beautiful scene that usually contains some pretty flowers (the necklace). Yup, I just decided… I feel like a picnic.

-The Split End Picnic Personifying Kelley


P.S. I saw these nails on pinterest and had to give them a try.


10 thoughts on “The Split End Picnic Personifying Kelley

  1. Love your nails, been dying to try it!! And I just remembered a hair secret the other day that I must share with you…prenatal vitamins!! I know you aren’t pregnant, but they are basically a multi vitamin that any woman can take, and they seriously make your hair and nails grow like crazy. I started taking them before we even started trying for babies, just for the growth 🙂 Thought I should share since I know you want to grow your hair. They even come in gummies, haha, my fav!!

  2. Definitely a pretty, cheerful, summery picnic. I LOVE this outfit. The nautical style skirt with awesome button details is top notch. It’s a great color combined with gray. And cute nails, Kelley!
    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

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