The Face Making Makeup Wearing Kelley

I couldn’t not share this.  In case you can’t read my face (Geeze guys, I thought we were that close by now.) this is the my, “Are you freaking kidding me?!  Did you really just say that?!” face (Don’t forget the question and exclamation marks, they are important.).  It was in response to my husband stopping in the middle of taking my pictures and asking me if I would like to go inside and put on makeup before we continue….

Dear husbands of the world who will never read this.  NEVER ask your wife if she would like to go put on some makeup… especially if she already has makeup on… Just a little friendly advice.

-The Face Making Makeup Wearing Kelley


4 thoughts on “The Face Making Makeup Wearing Kelley

  1. OH GOD! Frank has done that so many times he has even tried to pull the “honey you sure you want to wear that?” line too. I think after that last time he said it, and i put on sweats and washed my face, he learned his lesson.

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