The Chair Refinishing Kelley

How to Refinish a Chair for a Photo Shoot in 10 Easy Steps

1. Buy a chair at Goodwill on half off day for $5. SWEET!

2.  Take off the seat with a screwdriver.

3.  Wipe away all the dust and cobwebs (And try not to gag, EEWW!).

4. Sand it down with a medium grade sandpaper.

5.  Wipe away all the sanding dust.

6.  Prime the chair. I did about 3 coats and used KILZ brand.

7.  After about an hour, spray paint the chair using Krylon gloss sheen spray paint (mine is Sunshine yellow).

8. After 10 minutes spray it again.  I wanted it to look a little grunge for the shoot, so I stopped at two coats.

9.  Use an old T-Shirt and a staple gun to recover the old cushion (I’m pretty in love with gray and yellow right now, and I never wear this shirt anymore. Also, it was WAY cheaper than buying fabric.).  Then screw the pretty new looking cushion on to the chair.

10. Last but not least, add one of the cutest babies ever and shoot away!

All said and done, here is the round about price breakdown:

Chair – $5

Spray paint – $4

Primer – $4

Seat Recovering Fabric – Free

Total – $13

Not too shabby!

-The Chair Refinishing Kelley


8 thoughts on “The Chair Refinishing Kelley

  1. My husband says you can have a job athis shop!~ YOU did an AMAZING JOB!!!! and this is what he does all day!~ I LOVE THIS Kelley!!!! Beautiful!!!!

  2. Wow this is seriously really awesome Kelley. I’m going to have to try this soon. I have always wanted yellow dining room chairs. Paired with the grey cushion it looks great!

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