The Diamond Picking Kelley

Meet Virginia Design

Shorts: Thrifted Top: Thrifted Shoes: Target – Necklace: Forever 21

I kept this outfit simple.  No tucking, no belting, just a pair of shorts, a top, some shoes (Which got kicked of at every possible opportunity… My feet prefer to be naked, they’re wild like that.), and a hint of a necklace.  Sometimes that’s what summer is all about.  Being simple and keeping your hair off of your neck, because it is too hot to do anything else.

On another note, here is a list for you… because we all know how I like to make lists.

A Few Reasons I LOVE Thrifting

  1. It is likely the closest thing I will ever get to treasure hunting, and I think I was born to be a pirate.
  2. It’s WAY cheap, and who doesn’t love saving money?
  3. You find unique pieces that you will likely never see anywhere else or on anyone else.

Seriously, where else would I ever find this strange bright purple grandma-ish top with all of these fab details around the neck and hem?  I’m not sure, but if I did find it somewhere else it probably would have cost more than $3, and it would have been surrounded by a billion other trendy items so I would not have had the pleasure of picking this diamond out of the rough.

-The Diamond Picking Kelley


5 thoughts on “The Diamond Picking Kelley

  1. I love the top – and it looks like you can wear it in summer or in winter- which is a added bonus. I think the color looks good on you also!

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