The Bright Summer Screaming Kelley

Shorts: Aeropostale – Top: Old Navy – Sweater: Target – Necklace: Target – Shoes: Target – Belt: J.Crew

Don’t worry, you guys didn’t miss the memo about orange and pink officially “going together”.  So, don’t rush to your gmail account and double check your subscription to, “Fashion That Clashes”.

Nope, this is probably still a no no.  But it is one to which I wanted to scream “Yes! Yes!”.  I’ve seen so many bright colors out there in the style blog world lately, and I have been itching to take part.  Mostly because, while I am already craving fall and wither layering weather, I know summer is going to be gone before I know it, and I will miss being able to wear all of the bright clothing in my closet.

-The Bright Summer Screaming Kelley


12 thoughts on “The Bright Summer Screaming Kelley

  1. SO Pretty, Kelley! It’s a great monochromatic look. I like the different tones of pink/red/coral and the contrast of stripey print with solids. The soft gray chiffon flower belt pulls it all together. One of my faves of yours.
    Van // The Clothes We Wear // Wearing motherhood with style.

  2. This definitely screams summer, I love it! I have shorts that color from aeropostale too, but they’re of the very very short variety, and I always feel like I look like I work at Hooters in them. Wish they were the length of yours instead!

  3. Love the bright colors! I am all about getting all my brights in while we still have this warm weather…it makes summer feel more summery!

  4. i think this is definitely a “yes, yes!” i think we should all wear more color, and in my opinion this definitely works! i love the casual sneakers that kind of tone down the “sweetness” of the color palette.

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