The Honest Monsoon Surviving Kelley

Skirt: J.Crew – Top: Thrifted – Sweater: Target – Necklace: Thrifted – Shoes: Target – Belt: Thrifted

I cannot tell a lie friends.  I’m GREAT at scrabble!  Oh, look at that.  I guess I can tell a lie.  However, I don’t want to lie about this outfit.  I don’t want to say that I hate it and will never wear it again. Why?  Because it might be my new love.  Yup, I just decided. It is my new love.  From now on I will hold it, squeeze it, call it George, and do all of the other normal things that I do with my outfit loves.

I wore this outfit last night while eating a Oregano’s with some wonderful buddies.  Right as we were finishing up one of Phoenix’s lovely little Monsoon storms swept in.  We were on the patio, so by the time we left I had a food baby (salad, pizza, AND a pizza cookie please?!), my hair was HUGE from the wind and humidity, and I was dripping wet, so it’s a good thing we took photos before we left. Still, it was a fun evening out I must say.  I think we grew closer as friends after experiencing such a catastrophe together.  I mean it was serious boys and girls, drinks being blown over, a Louis Vuitton purse almost getting wet (not mine I can assure you), and the Chipotle across the street even lost an umbrella.  I may not recover. Wait, that’s a lie… I think I’ll be fine 😉

-The Honest Monsoon Surviving Kelley


16 thoughts on “The Honest Monsoon Surviving Kelley

  1. This is easily one of my favorite outfits so far! LOVE that skirt. And that shade of lipstick looks awesome on you too!

  2. what a beautiful outfit! I’d wear it till the clothes fall apart! Love the skirt and cardy the most ^^ and the weather in Europe around October? Well, rainy. and windy sometimes. Or both. So you might want to bring your Umbrella ^^ unless it’s Spain or other things more south. They can still have pretty nice weather by october-november. And it gets between 10-20°C most of the time 🙂 Dunno how many Degrees F that is… ^^ What place or you going to visit? ^^ x

    • Seriously, sometimes I just decide to grab two things that I am “sure” wont go together. I put them on just for fun, and sometimes they work. I’m crazy and daring like that. haha

  3. i absolutely love this skirt and the styling that you did around it. this is my favorite type of outfit… skirt, cardigan, belt. you look fantastic!

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