The Pattern Mixing Bang Braiding Kelley

Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing

Skirt: Forever 21 – Top: Gap (Thrifted) Belt: Thrifted – Shoes: Walmart

When I heard Everybody Everywhere was doing pattern mixing this month, I was beyond excited.  I definitely voted for mixing prints. It is something that always makes me feel like I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing something daring.  That’s me, the daring girl wearing polka-dots with stripes.

With this pattern mixing challenge I decided I wanted to let the patterns scream for themselves and keep the palate at a somewhat whispering level monochrome.  Then, I used shoes and accessories to add a little pop of color.  Also these braided bangs are my new go to do for the summer.  Hair up, hair down, no matter what, the bangs are being braided back.  I still have yet to get that hair cut and my bangs are in this awkward stage making me look like something between cousin it and… well someone else with long bangs… wow I can’t really think of anyone… That simile bombed didn’t it?  Let’s call it a day with this post shall we?  Come back tomorrow, I promise I’ll have something better.  Well, I can’t promise that… But I will at least try.

-The Pattern Mixing Bang Braiding Kelley


28 thoughts on “The Pattern Mixing Bang Braiding Kelley

  1. This is a really cute outfit.. great photos too, I am really disappointed with my photos this time around. I was in such a rush!
    I like how so many people have chosen to mix stripes for this challenge.

  2. Oh, I love the red lip on you. And I love the neutral patterns with the red accessories. That necklace is especially fab.

    Also, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I’m glad it led me to yours – I’m happy to be following now.

  3. Ah how did I miss this challenge! I love print mixing. Darn.

    I love your outfit. Such a wearable way to do print mixing. And I like your bangs braid. I should try that. I’m trying to grow mine out and they are driving me CRAZY.

  4. Gorgeous. I love the red accents and your lipstick is the perfect shade. You have to share where you got it!! 🙂 -Rachel (

  5. Awesome!! Love the way you mixed these prints, and your hair looks fantastic! I’m always trying to replicate that look and it never quite works… you’ve definitely mastered it 🙂

  6. You definitely rocked the pattern-mixing! Love the red sneakers too, I think I have similar ones that I’m thinking I should bust out with a skirt.

  7. This is pattern mixing perfection! The necklace is the perfect piece to make the whole outfit pop and your skirt is gorgeous on you:) Thanks for your sweet comment! Your blog is lovely!! Your newest bloglovin follower, Marisa

  8. I just found this through EBEW and I love it! Firstly, your color palette is great for pattern mixing. I love the red just at the edges of your look. (I apparently need to go check out the shoes at Walmart!)
    Second, you got that skirt from F21? It’s adorable. I never find anything that cute there. And third, I am also a huge fan of the braided bangs; mine are in the same stage. :p

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