The Pants Fearing Kelley

Pants: Gap – Top: Thrifted Braided Strand: Forever21 – Shoes: Forever21

The hubs and I got to go out for a last minute dinner with the other (WAY better) half of Radiant Photography last night and this is what I wore. Yes this.  Pants!  I am wearing pants… I don’t know if this is shocking to you, but it was actually REALLY shocking to me when I looked at these pictures and realized I had forgotten what my legs look like.

I told you a while back that I made a promise to myself back in December to wear more skirts.  For some reason I had I fear of skirts… Now I am here to tell you that I might have developed an aversion to pants somewhere between December and now.  Let’s just say that I have come to appreciate the way that skirts kind of “skirt around” the subject of my backside and upper legs 😉

But, to quote the ever wonderful dreamboat Mr. Darcy, “My feelings will not be repressed.  I must tell you how ardently I admire and love” pants.  Yea… I think Jane Austen is sadly rolling over… but it’s true.  While I fear pants, I also love them.  You can jump and climb trees in them, sit in the style of mushed up apples (my preferred sitting style by the way), or get into a kickboxing street fight (Which you should only do if you REALLY have to. But if you have to, pants are going to give you WAY more coverage and flexibility than a skirt or dress.).  So I am determined to sock my fear fear of pants. Yup, sock it and bop it… Oh please wish me luck.

-The Pants Fearing Kelley


12 thoughts on “The Pants Fearing Kelley

  1. Oh I hear you… but after years and years of wearing uniform skirts to school and having to watch how i sit and bend, I am 100% addicted to pants. The freedom… it is a beautiful thing 🙂

    I really love that necklace!

  2. I know exactly what you mean, Kelley! A year or two ago, I just decided that I love wearing dresses and then I started wearing dresses exclusively. Eventually I moved to just skirts and dresses, and now I’m finally on shorts, but I’m having a tough time reintroducing pants to my wardrobe. It just feels really odd to be wearing them. As soon as I put them, I just exchange them for a skirt. 🙂

  3. I definitely find it easier to dress in skirts and dresses. Something about them always seems more put together to me, I have a much harder time styling pants without feeling like I’m just wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I have to say though, this outfit looks great on you and those pants are definitely worth breaking out of the skirt-trend for!

  4. Try longer pants, taller shoes, and don’t limit yourself to shirts that break right at the waist. You’re beautiful!!!! I loved you in the 30 for 30 jeans from the thrift store!~ They were longer length. If you don’t like heels, try a pointy flat. You will overcome your pants fear!~

  5. oops, I meant to say if it’s a flat go with a darker shoe, to blend line from hem of pant to ground. Wow, I’m pretty bossy,but well you know why lol.

  6. After scrolling through some other posts, I have to conclude that you can rock whatever bottoms you want. I really like this outfit, and the top is awesome! I like the whole look you have, here, though. (:

  7. I’m with you!! I’m not much of a pants girl either. I find dresses/skirts to be so much more comfortable. But having said that you look lovely in yours & these photos are so pretty, loving the warm light + your oxfords are SO cute. xo

  8. oh i am adoring this outfit – love the purple and grey! you are rocking pants!

    i somehow ended up wearing waaaay more skirts/dresses lately too…but i still like my pants. mostly because it’s cold here, haha…

    caroline – pictures & words

  9. You look adorable! I love that necklace.

    I too have pants fear. I think it mostly stems from how hard it is to find pants that fit well, so I’ve kind of given up. At least until fall comes around. But then again, that’s what tights are for…

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