The Fitted Yet Over-sized Kelley

Dress: H&M – Top: Thrifted Belt: JCrew – Shoes: Target Necklace: Gift from student

So when I said I was going to get over my fear of pants, I didn’t mean RIGHT NOW 😉

I’ve worn this outfit a few times, and for some reason it never seems to end up on the blog.  I thought I better take some pictures of it before the other clothes in my closet start making fun of it.

My husband really likes this dress.  He tells me so every time I wear it.  According to him it “fits”.  Which I guess means my other clothes “don’t fit”?  Either way, he likes it, so I sometimes wear it for him.  Then I wear a HUGE over-sized button down chambray top over it for me.  What can I say?  I’m not a fan of extra “fitting” clothes.

This shirt is the first thing I bought after I finished the summer Thirty for 30 challenge.  I saw so many people with cute denim tops that I just had to run out and buy one. No, although it may look like it, I did not steal this shirt from my husband.  But, I cannot promise that it did not once belong to another woman’s husband.  It was in the woman’s section at Goodwill, but that means nothing.  It also says it’s a small, but that obviously doesn’t mean much either.  It may be a little bigger than I wanted for summer, but it was $3.50 and I know I am going to love how over-sized it is when fall finally comes around.  Until then, belted it will be.

-The Fitted Yet Over-sized Kelley

P.S. Just because I know you were all wondering… This is:

What I look like when I’m about to sneeze….              and this is what I look like while sneezing.

Glad you solved that mystery huh?  Now you can sleep tonight.


8 thoughts on “The Fitted Yet Over-sized Kelley

  1. cute cute!! i have a skirt that is just like this and it ‘fits’ too haha. i want a denim top sooo bad! yours is super cute…even though it probably was once another woman’s husbands shirt. haha

  2. I think when boys say that ‘it fits’ what they really mean is ‘I like the way your butt looks in that’.
    But you still look super cute, I especially like the flower on your belt 🙂

  3. I think Loren nailed what boys mean exactly! And those flats are really cute! I have the same ones in brown which are unfortunately 1/2 size too small, but they were $3 so I deal with it.

  4. Hi Kelley, I hopped over to your blog from your comment on mine. Can I just say, I love your blog! Your outfits are fun and inspired and your photos are beautiful! I’ll definitely be checking back in from now on!

  5. I love this – and I think I have everything I need to put a similar outfit together! Guess I know what Im wearing to work tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!

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