The Sister Loving Kelley

Today is pretty special.  Today my youngest sister Brianna turns 15!  CRAZY!  I usually picture this when I think of my little sister (get ready for some SUPER old school quality photos 😉 ):

or this…

or this…

(Powerpuff girls?! WINNING!)

Brianna and I are 8 years apart while my other sisters are closer to my age (one is 2 years younger and the other is 2 years older), so that may be why it seems so CRAZY that she is 15.  Sadly, I think one of the other factors is that she lives SOOO far away and I only get to see her about once a year if I’m lucky.  This means I see her one time and she looks like the photos above, and the next time I see her she looks like this:

And then she keeps getting older…

And then she goes and grows up even MORE, and the next time I see her she looks like this (She is the middle one in the photo below)!

I have three sisters (our beautiful mom is also in the photo above), and they’re all pretty awesome.  But I think all of us sisters would agree that Brianna might be the coolest of us all.  She plays all kinds of instruments, is full of school spirit (GO BEARCATS!) has been volunteering at a horse and donkey rescue for years (where she has learned sooo much it blows my mind), she’s smart (a teenager who actually takes school seriously?  JUMPBACK!), silly, and HELLO, you can tell she’s super cute.

So Bri, while I’m not there to celebrate with you, I hope today is the BEST 15th birthday any girl has ever had.  I hope you and your friends have fun being crazy and silly. And sorry about the embarrassing baby pictures, but what are big sisters for huh?

-The Sister Loving Kelley


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