The High Score Wearing Kelley

Dress: JCrew – Belt: JCrew – Shoes: Target Bracelet: Made by my wonderful aunt

I wore this dress exactly two times before today. The first time was for my college graduation. The second time was on the last day of school when I was teaching this spring. Funny enough, I realized that that last day of school was exactly a year after my graduation.  Sadly, that meant that I was on track to wear this poor dress only once a year.  That was a problem that I needed to address right away.

The first time I wore this little number I passed by multiple complete strangers who stopped me to tell me how much they loved it.  My husband jokes that every compliment I get on an item of clothing is like *points*.  He’s always happy when random people tell me they like my clothes and I think it is because he knows it means more points for the clothes, and less me crying in my closet, surrounded by clothes that have zero points… which usually leads to me buying more clothes.  Anyways, let’s just say that this dress has one of the highest *point* scores in my closet even though it’s only been worn twice.

Now, points don’t matter at all if I don’t like the item, but I honestly love this dress. So, I was confused when I realized that I have only worn it twice.  The only explanation that I can think of for my lack of flaunting it around every day is that it is BRIGHT yellow, so everyone REALLY notices when I wear it. I don’t want anyone to think it is the only piece of clothing in my closet. I mean you don’t want to be “that girl” who is suspected of wearing clothes until they mutate, grow mouths, and beg you to remove them from your body…. Still, I don’t think that you can reach that point by wearing a dress 2 -3 times a year right?  Maybe I’ll start with 2 times a year, then add a day every year and see what happens.  When people start looking at me funny or moving to the other side of the room when I walk in wearing it, I’ll know it is time to cut back.

Sound like a plan?  Sweet 🙂

-The High Score Wearing Kelley

P.S. This week is pretty much crazy as the hubs and I are out of town.  So sorry in advance for sporadic posts and inside/quickly taken photos.  This may also explain why I ironed this dress with my curling iron this morning (Surprisingly it actually worked a little bit.)… You can’t tell though can you?  😉


16 thoughts on “The High Score Wearing Kelley

  1. You’re about to get more points because I love this dress!! I had to laugh a little about the points thing. My friends and I used to rate people’s outfits, especially at places like amusement parks where we’re bored standing in line. People get automatic zeroes if they’re wearing fanny packs, for instance. Kinda beeyotchy, but kinda fun. No worries, though, you got a 10 today!

  2. Love this dress. Looks so cute on you.
    I laughed at the ‘points comment but I TOTALLY know what you are talking about. I definitely have a couple dresses in my closet with extra ‘points’. Surprisingly I wear them less than some of my ‘lower point’ outfits because I am afraid people will notice the outfit more and think that I wear it ‘all the time’. Instead of like once a month.

  3. his dress is so pretty and you look so beautiful wearing this! I’d stop and stare at you too (not to be freaky or anything) ! Maybe I should do the points thing too, haha! then I’d know what things really suit me, and what things don’t! x

  4. LOVE this dress. I understand you about the bright color, though–yellow is pretty noticeable. That being said, it’s a gorgeous piece, and you should wear it often. I’m imagining it for fall with a charcoal cardigan, black belt, and black boots. It’s just so lovely!

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