The Necklace Making Kelley

I pinned this a while back.  I fell in love with it RIGHT away.  I really liked the bright colors, especially because I have recently noticed that I have very few necklaces, and even fewer bright colored necklaces.  However, I also realize that summer is coming to an end soon, which means I may not be wearing SUPER bright colors much longer.  So, I decided to tone it down a bit and include only one bright color rather than two.  That way I can have a great POP of colors in my fall outfits, but it won’t be too overwhelming.

I am a horrible jewelry maker, (this whole thing took me about an hour and would likely take normally non-talentless people WAY less time) so you know I needed step by step instructions.  I used the original tutorial, but I also made one of my own just in case.  I know sometimes it is nice to hear multiple explanations or point of views to fully understand directions.  So, if my tutorial makes no sense (which is very much likely) shoot on over to the original tutorial, it’s GREAT!

What You Need

  • Jump rings
  • A chain that is at least 15 inches long

The original tutorial called for a 2 ft long chain.  I noticed that all of my necklaces are REALLY long and I wanted one that was a little shorter. So I bought a 30 inch chain and took off some rings to make it 15 inches.  You can really make it whatever length you would like 🙂

  • Pom pom trim
  • Nylon Cord

  • Needle Nose Pliers (you may find you need two pairs or you may not)

What You Do

I don’t know if I got the wrong kind of rings or what, but mine came closed up.  So, to start of pull a jump ring sightly apart.  Loop that ring through one of the links in your chain and through the middle of your pom pom trim. Once you have it looped though, close it back up.

Keep doing this on every other link of your chain until you reach your desired length.

Once you have attached all of your jump rings to your chain and pom pom trim, thread your nylon chord through all of the jump rings.

The nylon chord will be what you use to tie the necklace around your neck.  So when you are done threading it through, cut it to your desired length, tie it around your neck, and gaze at the beauty you have just created 🙂

I think I am falling in love with pom poms.

-The Necklace Making Kelley


8 thoughts on “The Necklace Making Kelley

  1. Kelley, this is awesome! I have been toying with the idea of making a scarf with pom pon trim lately, but I think a neckalce is so much more fun! Yours looks really great!

  2. This is great!! I am definitely inspired to make something similar. I actually make jewelry in my spare time and I find it so much fun (and frustrating at times…).

    Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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