The Turtle Loving Kelley

Dress: H&M – Sweater: Forever 21 Shoes: Thrifted Necklace: Forever 21

These colors make me feel like I am imitating some kind of superhero.  I don’t know why though.  I did a google search and there are no purple and yellow superheros.

Speaking of superheros… I’ve been meaning to get your input on something.  About a week ago my husband and I had a half hour long argument conversation about the Ninja Turtles.  We were discussing superheros and the fact that some of them, such as Batman, do not have any real super powers.  My husband added the Ninja Turtles to the list.  I then reminded him that they are MUTANT turtles.  According to him that is NOT a superpower because it can’t help them stop a villain from robbing a bank.  My argument to this is simple.  Picture two scenarios.  In the first you have normal little turtles slowly crawling on four legs trying to stop a bank robber.  In the second one you have turtles that have the SUPER POWER of being about 100 times bigger and faster than normal turtles fighting the bad guy.  Don’t you think the second group of turtles have an advantage?

I could go on and on guys, but I think that I have already shown too much of my nerdiness for one day.  I would appreciate your opinions though. Then maybe my husband and I could settle this once and for all.

-The Turtle Loving Kelley

P.S.  I found this AWESOME bun tutorial that I repined from the wonderful Lydia.   It was made by Emily over at The Other Emily, who not only has a fun new way to create a bun, but also has cute style! You actually use a sock to make this bun!  It didn’t work quite as well as I wanted it to because of my sad thin hair… I had to REALLY cut the sock down.  Still, it was better and easier than any other bun I have ever tried.  AND I only have ONE bobby pin in my hair and it is staying strong, which for me is unheard of.  I bet it would be perfection for all of you ladies who were blessed with hair that is thicker than that of a 1 year old.  If I were you I would check that awesome tutorial out 🙂


11 thoughts on “The Turtle Loving Kelley

  1. Love the outfit! Those colors are so pretty on you, and that necklace is awesome and unique. I love love love the last photo.

    I totally agree with you on the turtles. The fact that they can eat that much pizza and still stay in shape and fight is a superpower in my book.

    P.S. These are definitely the kinds of (heated) arguments my fiance and I have. They usually end with a google search and one of us owing the other a back massage.

  2. Love this necklace. The whole outfit is really cute, and while I don’t think it looks ‘superhero esque’ I understand the association because I kinda feel the same way when I wear multiple primary colors. Like I should be saving the day!
    Also, good to know that my boyfriend and I aren’t the only ones that have silly arguments about stupid things… like whether or not that show ‘Quantum Leap’ was actually about time travel or not.

    P.S. I think that being a giant turtle qualifies as a MUTANT power but maybe not a super power. Like the Morlocks in X-Men who are not super. Although I guess the TMNT are super-heros, so doesn’t that make all of their powers ‘super’? I honestly can see either point of view on this argument 😉

  3. I love this outfit and the two colors you paired. I especially love that purple color! 😀 My eyes were instantly drawn to the color. As for the turtles, I love Megan’s response but agree with Loren’s view that they do have mutant powers, but not necessarily super powers, like shooting lasers from their eyes, or flying, or moving objects with their mind. =P

  4. Oh, you’re so cute! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find yours. 🙂

    I love this outfit, especially with this cool necklace!

    It’s hilarious to imagine normal little turtles trying to stop a robbery! I guess they’d try to trip the bad guys by just waiting at strategic places. 😀

  5. i love that sweater!! and the turtles definitely have super powers.. i mean they can talk!! that is pretty super! 🙂 i love getting into arguments like that!

  6. Oh now you’ve got me thinking… It’ll keep my brain occupied during a dull meeting I have today… perhaps I’ll raise the issue *cue baffled looks from clients* hehe

  7. LOL at your convo with your husband! I used to love the Ninja Turtles, especially Leonardo for some reason. Love that color combination. I tried the bun tutorial from Emily but it didn’t work out for me as well as it did for her. I think it has to do with my thin hair. I ended up tying the sock-disc-thing on a piece of string and tying it to the Iron Gym in my doorway for the cat to play with. He loves it. Hehe

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