The Orphan Loving Kelley

Skirt: Old Navy – Sweater: Old Navy Shoes: Forever 21 Necklace: Forever 21 Top: Thrifted

Have you ever looked at an item in your closet and thought, “Why the heck did I EVER buy this?!”  Unfortunately, that happens to me all too often.  It’s like the mirrors in stores have some kind of magical powers, or the shop owners pump some kind of vapor through their vent systems that makes you enter into a state of ignorant euphoria that is only deepened with each item you try on.  Man, I need to start getting in and out if stores WAY faster if that is the case.

No matter what the culprit, I think the poor ill-fitting/unflattering clothing items are the REAL victims of this crime.  They go from being in a store, where they are at least TRIED ON every now and then, to being closet orphans; sad, lonely pieces of clothing that are pushed into the dark recesses of a closet, never to feel human touch again.

Why do I bring this up?  Today is “Wear a Closet Orphan” day over in the 21 Day Challenge that is being put on by Kayla from Freckles in April, and this sweater is one of my many orphans.  I have had it for years and I can only remember wearing it once.  It’s just not my style, not my color, and it never really seems to fit right.  But you know what?  I like it with this outfit.  It’s true!  And now that I have seen that I can like it, I may be trying it on and remixing it with outfits more often.

I was excited to participate in this day of the 21 Day Challenge, because the idea behind it is really the idea behind why I started this blog in the first place.  I want to love the clothes I already have by remixing and getting creative.  When you live on a clothing budget, going out and buying a sweater that is a better color and fit is not always an option.  Yes, sometimes I have the chance to add new clothes to my collection, but soon those clothes will be my “old clothes” and the cycle will continue. So here is to taking those closet orphans and giving them a second chance!  You saw something in them at one time, even if you were looking into a magic mirror in a state of ignorant euphoria.

-The Orphan Loving Kelley

21 Day Challenge

18 thoughts on “The Orphan Loving Kelley

  1. My first thought was “I love that cardi on her!” haha, isn’t it funny how we are our own worst critics?

    I completely agree with you on your reason for starting a blog. I was never happy with my closet and didn’t give things a second chance. After the 30-for-30 I have a better understanding of my style and hopefully can start working with what I have better.

    Oh, and I love the skirt!

  2. Oh gosh yeah…sadly happens more often than I would like. Anyhow, I really love the whole outfit – especially the cool blue color of your cardi against the camel skirt. Very lovely indeed:)

  3. I think I’d have a hard time working with that shade of blue, as well, but you’ve come up with a great solution here, by pairing it with the neutral (almost mustard yellow) skirt. This look is one I would consider a great transitional outfit. The cardigan is a touch of summer, the skirt says fall and this’ll be a look that you can take into the cooler season with tights and boots! The blue is a pretty color on you, actually. Cute necklace, too!
    Van // The Clothes We Wear // Wearing motherhood with style.

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