The Straight Haired Kelley

Top: Forever 21 – Skirt: Thrifted   Shoes: Target  Accessories: Gifts

First things first.  I caved.  I caved and straightened my hair.  I haven’t been straightening or blow drying my hair for months (I looked, it has never been straight on this blog.)! Every now and then I will curl like 5 pieces of hair at the most, but overall I have pretty much just been letting it do its own thing so that it can grow without me KILLING it.  But yesterday I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I blow dried it AND straightened it (I did use heat protection products, so I wasn’t being completely cruel.).  Look at it! So strange how a little heat can make it pretty, and long, and shiny, and look like I actually brushed it 🙂  Haha, I always feel like my natural waves look a lot like a second grader who NEVER combs or brushes her hair and then runs around flipping her hair everywhere gaining more and more tangles along the way.  A ragamuffin if you will.

Secondly, when my husband finally noticed my hair he wouldn’t stop talking about it.  He said I should just always straighten it.  When we were dating my hair was straight everyday, so according to him this is what I look like in his head.  I love him, but I want my hair to grow WAY too badly to keep up with the deadly heat that this hairstyle brings.

Finally, I had the best thrifting trip EVER yesterday!  I snagged this beautiful skirt while I was out.  Unfortunately I spent too much time talking about my hair (What a silly girl I am.), and now I don’t really have much time left to talk about my amazing thrifting adventures.  So, I will leave you with a photo I snapped with my ghetto phone on the trip and tell you all about it tomorrow.

See how I did that?  Now you REALLY want to come back tomorrow don’t cha?

-The Straight Haired Kelley

21 Day Challenge

16 thoughts on “The Straight Haired Kelley

  1. Square dance clothing? I really hope you’re wearing some plaid and cowboy boots tomorrow.

    I think I actually prefer your hair wavy/curly to the straight. Maybe I’m just biased though 🙂 I really love this outfit and that skirt is awesome! I have been looking for a pink/coral skirt while thrifting.

  2. Huge fan of the straight hair…I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t wash my hair everyday, so now that it’s straight, you might be able to get a few days out of it! Sometimes I can get 4 days, is that gross? Maybe.

  3. The hair looks great! Love the pink skirt and OMG square dancing clothes! The skirts! I hope you bought something awesome, or at least took loads of awesome photos!

  4. love this outfit. I love the printed top with the bright solid skirt, it seems like the inverse of what I normally see, and I love it!

    also I think your hair always looks nice but I love that you use the word ragamuffin because I am pretty sure my mother used this word to describe my hair almost every day I was in highschool. memories!

  5. That skirt was a great find! I’ve been on a hunt for one that color for the longest time, but the thrifting gods just have not been on my side. Anyway, I think your hair looks amazing! (Not that it usually doesn’t, I could never pull off not using heat products like you do) I’ve always been a slave to my flat-iron though no matter how damaging it probably is, just because I feel more put-together looking that way.

  6. Love the bright skirt on you today! And I’m like you, I try not to straighten my hair too much, lest I kill it. And I’m definitely coming back tomorrow for the resolution of this post. Oh, and BTW I tried that lasagne recipe and my husband and I loved it! I gave you a shout-out on my blog today, hope it’s okay.

  7. I love the bright color of that skirt! 😀 Such a steal!

    I rarely apply heat to my hair too! Your husband’s response to your straight hair was cute. My husband does the same thing too when I change up my hair just a tiny tiny bit. =P

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