The Hand-Me-Down Wearing Kelley

Top: Gap – Skirt: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted   Shoes: Forever 21  Necklace: Forever 21

So, about that thrifting adventure.  I went with an awesome friend who I had not seen in far too long.  We used to thrift together back in high school, and her fashion sense was always WAY more sophisticated and developed than my own.  So, when she recently suggested that we go thrifting together, I was all for it!

Can I just say that she is a genius?  She suggested we go to a nearby retirement community to look for thrifted treasures. How have I never thought of this before?  I know that all of the amazing things that I find while thrifting are so often hand-me-downs from grand ladies who are likely over the age of 55.  So why not thrift in a city where ALL of the ladies are over 55?!  I needed no further convincing, we drove off to Sun City.  This town actually has laws about the age that you have to be in order to live there.  They even have laws about how long young visitors are allowed to stay.  Needless to say, we were some of the youngest people around.

What we found when we arrived was a goldmine.  A whole shopping center FULL of various little thrift stores.  Not a chain in site, just little shops that I had never heard of.  And to my surprise, the prices were actually cheaper than large chains like Goodwill and Savers.  The best part is, because most of the people donating to the shops were over the age of 50, all of the clothes were in great shape, made of quality material, and had a classic vintage feel.  There were also lots of other fun things that you may not find at normal thrift stores, like mason jars full of different sized knitting needles and of course the WHOLE SECTION devoted to square dancing apparel that I showed you a glimpse of in my last post.

I scored quite a few things that I am excited about (one of them being the lovely blue skirt in the photos above), and I cannot wait to go back again soon!  Maybe a quick weekend trip?  Speaking of the weekend, it’s FRIDAY!  Do you guys have any fun weekend plans?  I hope so!

-The Hand-Me-Down Wearing Kelley

P.S.  Yea… I still haven’t washed my hair.  I’m going to get all I can out of it after straightening it the other day.  Please, don’t judge.

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20 thoughts on “The Hand-Me-Down Wearing Kelley

  1. OMG!~ How fun!!! I so wish I was there!` I LOVE THRIFTING!!! it is like one big treasure hunt,, all the looking,peaking sorting wondering when and where the next diamond in the rough will be! AND there is NO guilt involved!!! It is cheaper,,, and your doing something for the environment by re-using!` Plus all the fun of mix matching ect!` Good JOb you look adorable!! As usual,

  2. That is amazing! I am so jealous and wish I could go with you to the goldmine! There are a lot of old people in Florida, but nobody wants to buy what they’ve been wearing. Nobody.

    This skirt is so beautiful and feminine, and I love it paired with that cute top. I totally understand with the straight hair… when I straighten mine, it stays that way until I start offending people with its greasiness.

  3. This skirt is super sweet. I love it with the belt. I think there is a secret ‘awesome’ thrift store in nearly every upper class neighborhood the trick is FINDING where those ladies take all their leftovers.

  4. haha, what a cool place to go thrifting!
    there is nothing like that where i live, and lately thrift stores have let me down, mostly filled with junk from kohls and f21 that was never good to begin with.

    Love that skirt, and this color combo!

  5. I love the dusty purple with the deeper violet together. It really is a perfect combination. Also, I wish there were thrift stores where I lived that are reasonably priced with stuff as good looking as the skirt you got.

  6. Haha that IS genius!!!! Their clothes are so much cooler. So much. I love this look – everything from the shoes to the necklace to the top – love!! -Rachel (

  7. lovely find, that skirt is sweet and looks great with the top and shoes. enjoy your straight hair, a break from washing gives your hair a chance to be replenished by it’s natural oils. i’m sure you’ll know when its time. still has lots of body and looks great.

  8. Very clever idea about where to go thrifting! I’ve gone a few times but usually leave disappointed because I don’t find the cool, quality vintage stuff that everyone else out there seems to find. Maybe it’s just because I’m shopping in the wrong area?

  9. Thrifting in a retirement community town? GENIUS!!! This skirt is gorgeous and such a great length! Can’t wait to see all your other finds! 🙂

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