The Goodwill Distracted Kelley

Dress: Thrifted Belt: Thrifted   Shoes: Target  Necklaces: Forever 21/Gift

I saw this dress while on my way to the gym… Which just so happens to also be the way to Goodwill… whoops.  Goodwill should not be on the way to anywhere, it’s so garsh-darn distracting.  Anyway, I decided to just pop in real quick and have a look around.  I even decided NOT to bring any money, so that I couldn’t get distracted and skip my run.  Well, then I saw this dress, spoke to it (Goodwill clothes and I have our own language), and by that time we were friends so I couldn’t just leave it there all alone among the sad smelly clothes that were so far from its equal.  But there was that whole problem of not having any money… So went into the dressing room and thought… and texted my husband.

MeI have a problem.

Husband: I’ll say, those are horrible workout clothes.  I kid.  It’s an awesome dress though, where’s the problem?

Me: I might have stopped at Goodwill just for fun on the way.  I also might have found the best dress in the whole world when I have NO money.  What should I do?

Husband:  Ha, well you have your car.  Hide it, go work out, come home, get your money, and go back to Goodwill.

Me:  But what if it’s gone?!

Husband:  If it’s too important to risk, come home now, if not, get it later.

Obviously I hid it (I put it in with the two piece pants suits, nobody EVER looks there, right?! Also, I’m not the only one that hides clothes so that I can buy them later right?!), drove straight home, grabbed some cash, drove RIGHT back to Goodwill, and bought the dress.  It took 8 minutes to get out the Goodwill door and back again… maybe that is why I have a thrift addiction…  All that work and running around and I STILL went to the gym afterwards.  I must have been way less lazy than usual that day.

-The Goodwill Distracted Kelley

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24 thoughts on “The Goodwill Distracted Kelley

  1. I hide stuff in stores all the time while I have debates with my rational versus spendy selves in my head about whether or not I should buy them. I’m happy you went through the effort for this dress though, it’s amazing! I never find such great things thrifting! Send me some of your thrifting luck, puhlease.

  2. I totally hide things in both Goodwills and regular retail stores. I used to do it all the time when I worked in one. I would hide things in my size and wait for them to go on sale… genius.

  3. Good choice, I would have went back for it in a heartbeat. So cute!

    I am constantly hiding things in thrift stores… and what’s funny, I choose the 2-piece suits section too haha. If anyone is looking in there, then their wardrobe is bad enough that they need the hidden item more than me.

    Lesson learned here: NEVER go into goodwill without some cash. 🙂

  4. You look gorgeous, ma’ dear! The dress cut, eyelet detailing and color are so perfect–it’s no wonder you went to great lengths to keep it from landing in someone else’s hands. I have also been known to occasionally hide an item in the wrong place, if for some reason I have to jet. The purple shoes add an unexpected pop to your look. GREAT find, Kelley!

    Van // The Clothes We Wear

  5. You have such good luck at Goodwill. Last time I tried to thrift I walked out with a big fat nothing. I couldn’t even find a decent belt. The dress is so very pretty on you, from the color to the style and cut. You look lovely!

  6. Oh we are like one in the same… I do the same things… I hide it til I can get back to get it. Worth the time to run back for that dress. It is incredible!!!

  7. i can definitely relate to everything you said here! i’ve also been known to hide items at my goodwill and go back the next day when the colored tag has reduced in price. this dress really is gorgeous and so unique though, what a great find!!

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