The Snot Nosed Kelley

Skirt: JCrew Top: Loft Belt: Thrifted   Shoes: Thrifted  Necklaces: Forever 21/Gift

I noticed something new about myself on Sunday (the day I wore this outfit).  I was doing the normal getting ready stuff before heading to church.  You know, getting dressed, doing my hair, putting on make-up, and stuffing my purse full of tissues so I could make it through the day without having to wipe snot on anyone or anything that may not appreciate having snot rubbed on them. Then I stopped and thought that the last step may not actually be normal. I asked my husband if I seem to be an extra snotty person. He thought about it for a second and noted that I do almost always have a tissue in my hand.

You know what?  He’s right. That’s it, I have officially turned into an old lady. I carry tissues EVERYWHERE I go. I think I am the victim of year round allergies.  Nothing that makes me miserable, but just a casual and constant runny nose that I really didn’t even take notice of until now. I say I am a victim, but I think it is really my fault for living in a place that has a 365 day growing season. Yea, everyone thinks it is the desert so it is hot and nothing grows, but I took a science class on the history of the Sonoran Desert in college, and I got an A, so I know these things.

Anyways, all this to say, don’t be alarmed if you ever see snot dripping out of my face in any of my pictures.  That just means it is a normal day in my life 🙂

-The Snot Nosed Kelley


17 thoughts on “The Snot Nosed Kelley

  1. first of all–i LOVE your skirt. it’s so cute.

    secondly, CLARITIN saves lives. seriously. i have year-round allergies as well and before i discovered the magic of loratadine (i’m all for generic) i was a complete mess, constantly. get thee to a pharmacy and pick up some 24-hr relief. it’s so worth it.

    a fellow allergy sufferer 🙂

  2. I don’t think we could officially call you an old lady until you buy a handkerchief and pulled that out routinely. Although… maybe if it were in a cute pattern….

    Love your skirt!

  3. Love this skirt on you! The top is a great color too!
    Also OMG I used to have the WORST allergies. Thankfully I seem to have just grown out of them. But now I’m scared to move away from my acclimated locale. I’ve heard that local honey can help you build up immunities to pollens and things. But I’ve never really tried it.

  4. You look terrific! The color combination somehow feels perfect for the first day of September. Lovely, Kelley! While I don’t have year round allergies, I do carry tissues with me everywhere, because you just never know when one is needed. Especially with a two-year old.

  5. I found you through JenLoveKev comments. Funny/gross post. haha. It’s probably only gross because I picture everything because I’m a visual person. Woops? Anyway, I love your skirt. It looks great on you!

  6. Um,,, ok……….So, Kelley……..Sinular……….it helps allergies and asthma!~ I had a “Hanky” under my pillow from 17-30,,,,,,,,,,,,,and in my pockets and everywhere……….thought it was normal,.then,,someone from church said “do you have a cold all the time” Hence snotty, runny or clogged nose,,,,,,Trip to Docs. and Sinular ever since,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,try it,,,,,,,you’ll like it,,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. Local honey is definitely helpful if its pollen that’s bothering you! When I moved to MA I was getting some terrible allergies but my boyfriend’s parents have bees on their property and I started using their honey and haven’t had a problem since then.

    Also I love this post gave me a really nice reminder of my grandmother who was the always stuffing tissues in her purse type. The tissues she would give me always had this really nice smell that was a mix of her perfume and lipstick and I love blowing my nose into them!

  8. I remember a certain someone whom we are mutually acquainted with who always wore a watch/bracelet so that she could tuck her tissues inside the band at her wrist (the purse full of them would not suffice)… when it gets to that point, I will concede that you have a problem 😉

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