The Awkward Party Going Kelley

Dress: Old Navy Sweater: Old Navy Necklace: Gift from a student   Shoes: Forever 21

This is what I wore to the Labor Day party the hubs and I went to yesterday.  If you ever invite us to a party, plan on us being the most awkward people there.  According to text messages that my husband apparently did not read thoroughly, we were supposed to bring swimsuits as well as food/drinks to the party last night.  We showed up empty handed and fully dressed with no swim attire to speak of.  Yup, we’re lame… Well, I’m going to blame it on the husband this time because I literally did not get the memo.

So we did what any normal person would do.  We left. Went to the store. Bought food.  And came back… and watched other people swim. Classy.  Even more interesting, when it was time to eat, my veggie dog mysteriously disappeared into into a pile of REAL hotdogs… Too afraid to bite into all of them to find mine (and thinking that might make me look even more awkward), I took a bun, put cheese on it, and ran out of the kitchen before anyone tried to question my strange food choice.

All the dogs were gone later though… which means some poor soul (likely one of the many big manly motorcycle mechanics who were at the party) who was expecting a great big meaty/BBQ sauce covered Labor Day hotdog got a very strange surprise.  It would sure be interesting to know what that person was thinking when they took their first bite…

-The Awkward Party Going Kelley


9 thoughts on “The Awkward Party Going Kelley

  1. This navy blue dress looks great on you. I love it with the striped cardigan.
    Also I wouldn’t worry to much about some met head not liking your tofu dogs. They are hot dogs… I doubt anyone could REALLY tell the difference.
    Sorry you missed out on the swimming though.

  2. Hahaha, we must be related. This sounds just like something that would happen to me (and Kevin). He constantly doesn’t fully read texts and we’ve shown up empty-handed before too! Also, I’m a vegetarian too and would have been so embarrassed to go through all the dogs! What a mess. I’m sure whoever got it thought it tasted a little “off” but didn’t want to say anything.

    Cute outfit! Love the shoes.

  3. I swear Old Navy has the best separates! 🙂 Love this outfit.

    Don’t you love when you don’t get the memo? What is it about guys never reading beyond the first sentence? Ha ha.

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