The Safe Librarian Kelley

Dress: Thrifted Shirt: Charlotte Russe   Shoes: Forever 21  Necklace: Forever 21

To stick with the “bookworm” theme that went along with last week’s date night, I decided to go with a librarian inspired look.  Okay, I might have gotten a little bit too into planning this date night… making my outfit match the “theme” does sound a little crazy.

But, I am not ALL crazy.  While I was getting ready I put on my old glasses, (because ALL librarians wear glasses right?!) and then I remembered that the reason they are my old glasses is because I NEED new glasses, and the reason I NEED new glasses is because these old ones make me do weird things like run into walls, trip and fall down, and all around stumble through life.  So, while the glasses would have fit the theme perfectly, I decided a trip to the emergency room wouldn’t, so I left them at home.  Safety first right?

-The Safe Librarian Kelley


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